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What is Chargeback?

Chargeback MEANING:
Chargeback - a protective tool that returns payers their money for a transaction, usually one done using a debit or credit card.
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Chargeback is a mechanism designed for consumer protection. If a debit or credit card is falsely charged, either as an error or with malicious intent, the customer has the right to initiate a chargeback. This can occur if, for example, the customer purchases goods or services and is charged for them but does not receive anything in return.

The card provider then sends a demand to the retailer involved in the fraudulent transaction. The transfer can then be reversed post-authorization. 

For the chargeback to be initialized, the customer must dispute the original charge. The process of settlement may take several days and is not automatic.

Chargebacks may also be initiated in case of accidental duplicate charges, technical issues, or other clerical errors. Retailers and other merchants are incentivized to provide high-quality services and products and handle financial transactions carefully to avoid the risk of chargebacks.

Furthermore, chargebacks can be a protective measure against identity theft, as consumers can cancel charges if their card is used without their knowledge or consent.

There can also be instances of chargeback fraud, as users falsely attempt to initiate chargebacks on legitimate transactions. Such fraudulent acts are not possible for transactions done with decentralized cryptocurrencies. Since all crypto transactions are recorded on the blockchain and are irreversible, the data cannot be altered.

The use of cryptocurrency transactions is advantageous to merchants as they can dispute fraudulent chargeback requests and maintain business integrity.