Crypto Terms: Letter C

What is Cash?

Cash - is a physical form of currency.
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Let's find out Cash meaning, definition in crypto, what is Cash, and all other detailed facts.

Since the 1980s, individuals all around the world have been gradually replacing cash with credit and debit cards. More recently - mobile payments. In November 2020, the worldwide amount of cash is estimated to reach $6.6 trillion. It is a portion of the entire volume of money, which ranges from $630 trillion to $1.2 quadrillion.

To put things into perspective, cash refers to coins and banknotes that an everyday individual can use to pay for services or products in an instant. It’s the physical form of currency.

Nevertheless, there are other scenarios where cash can mean bank accounts and marketable securities like government bonds. In finance, all currency counterparts that can be liquidated as soon as possible can be referred to as cash.

If we were to look at the history of cash, gold, and silver coins, for a long period of time were the main substances of payment in the world. The shortage of these metals secured their worth, as well as their regularity which enabled easier accounting.

When paper money arrived, it culminated in a progressive dissociation of the value of currency from the worth of the substance it was made of. Then followed the eventual introduction of fiat currencies, such as the euro or the US dollar.

These are authorized as money by the judgment of the government and have no inherent worth.