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What is Burning?

Burning - the process of permanently taking cryptocurrency coins or tokens out of circulation.
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Let's find out Burning meaning, definition in crypto, what is Burning, and all other detailed facts.

The deliberate act of permanently removing cryptocurrency assets from circulation is called burning. Situations where assets are lost accidentally, such as sending them to the wrong address or losing access to the wallet, are not considered burning.

The developers of a cryptocurrency are typically responsible for performing token burning. The most common method of burning is sending the tokens to an eater address. This is a wallet that has a publicly available balance on the blockchain. However, no one has the access to its assets.

In other cases, burning may occur when the developers buy the tokens back from the market or burn some of the readily available supply. This process is primarily employed for deflationary purposes.

Reducing the circulation of a cryptocurrency commonly leads to the price of the asset increasing. This can be an incentive for new traders to invest in the asset.

Stablecoins, cryptocurrencies that have their value pegged to a certain asset (like gold or the US dollar), heavily rely on token burning. This process helps to regulate a steady supply of a stablecoin to ensure its price remains at the set value.