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Crypto Terms:  Letter B

What is Browser Extension?

Browser Extension - a plugin that provides a browser with additional functionality.
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Let's find out Browser Extension meaning, definition in crypto, what is Browser Extension, and all other detailed facts.

A browser extension is a plugin developed for an internet browser. Extensions are used to improve the functionality of a browser by adding features that are otherwise not available. Extensions can change the user interface of the software or allow users to optimize their browsing experience.

Browser extensions function as small-scale software. They can add extra controls or filters, alter the layout of a web page, or filter information.

Some extensions can block all advertisements on a web page, while others can blacklist certain content that a user may not want to see. Other popular extensions prevent music or videos from auto-playing on a website. The Brave Browser offers its users an extension that serves as a crypto wallet.

Extensions can function similarly to JavaScript by utilizing program interfaces and APIs. Furthermore, some extensions can access their own APIs.