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What is Bounty?

Bounty - a reward given to users for completing certain tasks on the blockchain.
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Let's find out Bounty meaning, definition in crypto, what is Bounty, and all other detailed facts.

A crypto bounty is a reward mechanism used to award users for successfully completing certain tasks on the blockchain networks of particular projects. Bounties were first used by various blockchain projects as a marketing tool to promote participation in validation services. Their utility in the crypto world has since expanded.

Crypto bounty reward programs are frequently used as a promotional tool for the initial coin offering (ICO) of a new token. ICOs that hope to succeed need to garner a lot of attention from the public.

Projects that are working on ICOs first announce promotional campaigns where the users are able to perform certain marketing actions which grant them tokens. Such actions can be as simple as sharing a photo on social media or writing a review. Performing these actions can grant the users free or discounted tokens.

The popularity of bounty reward campaigns skyrocketed in 2017 and 2018, leading to the so-called ICO craze. This method was often utilized by fraudulent projects which scammed people by promoting fake tokens. This led to many users growing cautious of bounty reward campaigns.

Certain ICOs and bounty reward campaigns have been deemed illegal by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Despite the backlash, bounty rewards have remained a prominent part of the crypto market to promote new cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Some projects utilize bounty rewards post-launch. Such campaigns are known as post-ICO rewards schemes. Post-ICO rewards are used to boost project development by analyzing the code to detect bugs and vulnerabilities.

Bounty rewards can also be offered for translation and localization services that make the blockchain project more accessible in the global market.

Users that pursue a large number of rewards programs are referred to as crypto bounty hunters. Their aim is to receive the largest possible benefits from taking part in several projects at once. The crypto bounty hunting landscape is quite competitive as bounty hunters want to take part in the best-paying reward schemes.