Crypto Terms: Letter B

What is Bag?

Bag - is a crypto word that refers to a large quantity of a specific coin.
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Let's find out Bag meaning, definition in crypto, what is Bag, and all other detailed facts.

A bag is a term used in cryptocurrency that refers to a significant amount of a single coin. There is no exact number of coins that can be classified as a bag, nonetheless, the holdings should be greater-than-average amounts of that coin. When the holding is exceptionally enormous, it is often called a "heavy bag".

There is also the term bag-holders that refers to the investors that hold their bags for a long time, despite the poor market performance. It could be though, that investors don’t analyze what is going on in the market, and just hope that their bags will be valuable in the future.

The term "bag" might be useful in identifying different currencies or tokens in a person's crypto portfolio.