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Crypto Terms:  Letter A
Jun 19, 2023 |
updated Apr 02, 2024

What is Attestation Ledger?

Attestation Ledger Meaning:
Attestation Ledger - is a document that authenticates a product or financial transaction while also certifying that it occurred.
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Let's find out Attestation Ledger meaning, definition in crypto, what is Attestation Ledger, and all other detailed facts.

An attestation ledger is a document that validates the authenticity of a product or financial transaction while also confirming that it occurred. A bank statement, invoice, or receipt includes the following confirmation. The records are running in the blockchain-based distributed network.

Aside from that, the attestation ledger provides other parties with validation of previously established agreements. It’s as easy as putting a transaction ID into the attestation ledger to see if the transaction is valid.

Blockchain Operating Ledger System uses an attestation ledger to make sure there were no alterations or manipulations when connecting a host computer.

The information is stored in numerous places at the same time, so a peer-to-peer network is required because it records the asset trades.

All in all, an attestation ledger is widely used in various situations as a way of making sure the factors are legit. Applications, systems, computers, networks, exchanges, and businesses all can find attestation ledger helpful.