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What is AtomicDEX?

AtomicDEX - is a program designed by combining a decentralized exchange with a cryptocurrency wallet.
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Let's find out AtomicDEX meaning, definition in crypto, what is AtomicDEX, and all other detailed facts.

AtomicDEX refers to an application that is created by merging decentralized exchange as well as a cryptocurrency wallet. The application can be used on the web, desktop, or mobile devices.

Furthermore, you don’t need to download the whole blockchain in the process of using AtomicDEX.

AtomicDEX's InstaList function is focused on allowing users to add all ERC-20, QRC-20, and BEP-20 tokens as custom assets. However, certain coins are only available on the desktop version, and others are available on both desktop and mobile.

Komodo AtomicDex API, as well as GleecDEX and DogeDEX products, were used to construct an open-source framework that is compatible with 99 percent of cryptocurrencies - AtomicDEX.

To avoid the involvement of a third-party intermediary, AtomicDEX employs P2P order books hosted by atomic swaps to move cryptocurrency from one party to another.