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Crypto Terms:  Letter A

What is Apeing?

Apeing - a phenomenon in the crypto industry when a trader purchases a token shortly after its project launch date without thoroughly researching it.
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Let's find out Apeing meaning, definition in crypto, what is Apeing, and all other detailed facts.

Apeing occurs when cryptocurrency traders buy a new token or currency not long after its project launch. The name was chosen to describe the ‘low-IQ’, ‘monkey-like’ behavior of buying without thinking or researching.

Traders that engage in apeing tend not to do substantial research before buying. These purchases are often driven by fear of missing out (FOMO). Traders may believe that if they do not rush to buy, they may lose out on potential gains.

Apeing as a term was popularized during the 2020 DeFi Summer. A large number of sudden and prior unannounced token projects were launched. Traders who bought the tokens of these projects soon after their launch made notable profits, leading to a bigger wave of apeing behavior.

This behavior is often brought upon by social media trends, as traders who see others online discussing their profits try to emulate them by finding a newly launched project and investing in the tokens with minimal research.