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What is Angel Investor?

Angel Investor MEANING:
Angel Investor - is a person who offers financial support to a startup firm in its early phases of growth.
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Let's find out Angel Investor meaning, definition in crypto, what is Angel Investor, and all other detailed facts.

An angel investor is an individual that financially provides for a startup company and helps to grow it from the early stages of development. If you were to look into the crypto industry, you would notice that there is a tendency for “newly baked” blockchain companies to have support from angel investors. Various entrepreneurial networks frequently keep an eye on these investors.

Venture capitalists are committed to a professional venture capital company and invest a pooled amount. Angel investors, on the other hand, are independent people who take a chance on their own. Besides, they have their own ideas and plans.

Moreover, these investors have the rights to the company. In the best-case scenario, they earn back their investment and additionally gain profit. However, they can also face a loss.