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What is All or None Order (AON)?

All or None Order (AON) MEANING:
All or None Order (AON) - an order that has a set price and is made to purchase or sell a volume of assets.
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An All or None Order (AON) is a structured order with specified steps on how it must be completed. The order is made to purchase or sell a volume of assets on an exchange. The price is always set.

It’s different from a market order and a limit order.

There are a few ways you can use these orders. In algorithmic trading, for example, to estimate the directional trend. Also, it’s a way of restricting events where only a half of the action is completed. This usually takes place during mischievous events and when a market is highly volatile with low volumes.

Another way to prevent these events and make the participants in the market confident of the set price - is by fulfilling the requirement of the order being fully completed or left undone when it is placed.