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What is Airnode?

Airnode MEANING:
Airnode - API gateway that acts as the Web3 oracle solution. It can link web APIs to blockchain applications.
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Airnode is an open-source Web3 API middleware – a type of software that allows web APIs to easily connect to blockchain applications. Many API providers have issues adapting their services to Web 3.0 — decentralized internet, seen as the next stage of the network evolution.

Blockchain-based smart contracts cannot be linked to APIs that have access to real-world data directly because this data is not available on said blockchain. In order to patch this issue and bind blockchain with real-world data, solutions known as oracles are used.

Airnode is a type of oracle solution for Web 3.0. The API is maintenance-free and does not require a server. It is capable of linking all web APIs with all blockchain applications. Unlike traditional oracle solutions, Airnode does not require third-party interference.

Furthermore, third-party oracle services demand users to pay a set fee in order to access their services and connect to the blockchain. Airnode allows users to build a bridge to blockchain applications while maintaining full revenue. The end-user is in full control of their connectivity to the blockchain.