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What does Winding Up mean?

Winding Up MEANING:
Winding Up - When someone says they’re Winding Up, it means that they’re wrapping crypto tokens for the purpose of finding the best yield.
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The term Winding Up is used to describe the process of searching for the best yield by wrapping a cryptocurrency through different projects. It’s used within the crypto sector, in regards to decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. 

In order to understand this term well, you must know the definition of wrapped tokens. While Ethereum originated the wrapped tokens, there have been many alternatives emerging such as the wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC).

A wrapped token is a type of token that represents a cryptocurrency that’s native to another blockchain. In essence, it is a token that has been pegged to the value of another cryptocurrency. When it comes to DeFi platforms, wrapped tokens offer interoperability.

In order to receive the highest profit, token holders must go through certain processes. 

Let’s take the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin as an example. Let’s say you hold some wrapped Bitcoin and would like to receive some Interest Bearing Bitcoin (ibBTC). In this case, you would have to deposit your wrapped BTC on a specific DEX in order to receive an LP token. The latter will allow you to mint ibBTC.