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What does When Moon mean?

When Moon MEANING:
When Moon - an expression used to ask when the price of cryptocurrencies will skyrocket.
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When someone asks "when moon?" it's most likely an eager trader who wants to know when a cryptocurrency's value is set to surge. When Bitcoin's value skyrocketed in 2017, excitement spread over what lay ahead for the crypto markets, and the word “moon” gained traction. "Bitcoin has gone to the moon," was a frequent claim of crypto enthusiasts.

Some cryptocurrency aficionados joke that the term "Bitcoin to the moon" refers to the day when the cryptocurrency's price will be high enough to pay for a roundtrip tourist ticket to and from the moon. The phrase "when moon" is also connected with inexperienced crypto investors who rush into the market in the hopes of making huge riches. For instance, a cryptocurrency buyer might say, "I got a bag of BTC for $26,000, when moon?".