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What does When Lambo mean?

When Lambo MEANING:
When Lambo - a phrase used to describe the point at which cryptocurrency holders will be rich enough to buy a Lamborghini.
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"When Lambo?" is a phrase that became popular in the early days of Bitcoin and it is used to describe the point at which crypto holders will be rich enough to buy a Lamborghini.

Lamborghinis are luxury automobiles that serve as a symbol of aspiration for what cryptocurrencies would be worth in the future. Many wealthy crypto investors have even purchased Lamborghinis only as a symbol of their market success.

After the cryptocurrency Consensus Investment Conference in New York in November 2018, which came months after a massive surge in the price of Bitcoin, the phrase "When Lambo?" gained even more attention. To signal the presence of cryptocurrency investors, the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange rented three Lamborghinis for the event.

Peter Saddington, the entrepreneur and co-founder of VinWiki, is a great example of illustrating the phrase “When Lambo?”. He was able to use his crypto assets to purchase a Lamborghini with Bitcoin that he had purchased for $115. He sold 45 bitcoins to pay for a $200,000 Lamborghini. However, if he had waited a little longer, his crypto stockpile would have been worth tens of millions of dollars.