Crypto Terms: Letter R

What does REKT mean?

REKT - REKT, an internet slang term for wrecked, is used within the trade market when someone experiences a big loss.
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Let's find out REKT meaning, definition in crypto, what does REKT mean, and all other detailed facts.

The term REKT is derived from the word “wrecked” that’s defined as something damaged beyond repair or destroyed. It’s commonly used internet slang.

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, REKT is used as a way to say that someone has lost a large investment

For example, if you were to invest all of your money in a new cryptocurrency that seemed to be growing in price, but a few days later the price drops significantly, you and the new cryptocurrency would be considered REKT. 

However, do not mistake being REKT and the loss of fiat money. This term describes the loss of an investment in a digital asset. Therefore, it’s not the same as losing actual money since said digital asset can increase in value once more just like Bitcoin did in 2020 after being REKT in 2018.