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Crypto Terms:  Letter D

What does DYOR mean?

DYOR - acronym for “do your own research”.
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Let's find out DYOR meaning, definition in crypto, what does DYOR mean, and all other detailed facts.

DYOR stands for “do your own research”, a phrase frequently used in various crypto communities. It’s one of the core aspects of crypto investments. It refers to the need for prospective investors to look into the crypto projects themselves and figure out whether they are worthwhile investments or scams.

The acronym became popular around 2016-2018, during a massive surge of ICO projects. A significant number of ICO campaigns ended up being fraudulent, leading to investors losing their money.

To avoid enriching scammers, investors were strongly advised to do their own research to ensure that the project was legitimate before putting their money into it. The phrase has since become widely used on various social platforms, particularly among newcomer investors who might fall prey to scams and misinformation.

DYOR is also used as a disclaimer to state that the poster is sharing personal opinions or analyses and is not necessarily endorsing the project.