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What does Alphanumeric mean?

Alphanumeric MEANING:
Alphanumeric - phrases consisting of letters or numbers; often used for passwords.
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Alphanumeric refers to something that consists of both letters and numbers. In many cases, this concerns passwords or security codes. An alphanumeric phrase can be used as a password for a cryptocurrency wallet or exchange.

Alphanumeric phrases are generally seen as safe password options. Using a combination of letters and numbers ensures a higher level of security for an account. The more randomized the alphanumeric combination is, the lower the chances are of the account being breached.

Often upon sign-up users are required to create a password that contains a certain minimum number of characters. The higher the number of characters in an alphanumeric password is, the more likely it is to be accepted as a strong password.

An alphanumeric phrase is almost always a prerequisite for a cryptocurrency wallet account to ensure the account is put at the lowest possible risk of being compromised. Alphanumeric phrases may also be used as recovery phrases.

The full Latin alphabet – from A to Z – and all numbers from 0 to 9 can be used in an alphanumeric phrase. In some cases, letters and characters from non-Latin alphabets can be accepted for alphanumeric phrases.

Alphanumeric phrases can be created using password generators. Some examples of strong alphanumeric phrases are b8sjO87IoGpS, gM62eV6XA6ms, or 6pyl75kk0z9li6b. In order to reinforce alphanumeric phrases, passwords can sometimes also contain special characters, like %, $, or ^.

Alphanumeric phrases can also be used in contexts outside of security measures. 1337, or leetspeak, is a way of typing that replaces some letters with numbers to create alphanumeric words that hold meaning.