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Crypto Terms:  Letter D

What are DeFi Degens?

DeFi Degens - Defi degens, short for DeFi degenerates, is a subculture of decentralized finance that is known for its pump and dump scams.
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Let's find out DeFi Degens meaning, definition in crypto, what are DeFi Degens, and all other detailed facts.

DeFi is a place that contains the majority of the most important initiatives in the financial services industry. It is regarded as the next milestone for cryptocurrencies and finance in particular. However, DeFi also has unsupervised crypto projects that might lead to scams. These unsupervised projects in particular are held by DeFi degens.

It's no surprise that DeFi degens are linked with the pump and dump strategy. A bundle of coins is fired up in secret forums and networks, only to be discarded or compelled to fall, but not before degens take their gains.

The DeFi degens projects are, in fact, unsupervised, unauthorized, and run on cryptic regulations that are usually impossible to comprehend for those who did not create the code.

Moreover, for the vast majority of degens, decentralized finance paves the way for the development of initiatives that collect crossovers across monetary projects and enormous multiplayer online games. These take the shape of intriguing and unpredictable symbols, such as the ill-fated Yam, which has become the DeFi degen's symbol.

To put things into perspective, Yam incorporated new token dumps every 12 hours, before which users would hurriedly raise up the value of the token before withdrawing their earnings. 

Participants who do not comprehend how these DeFi initiatives work are likely to get burnt. But degens consider them as enjoyable and rewarding activities that also allow them to push the limits of crypto software and the borders of tolerance within the crypto community.

Degens assemble in confidential Telegram and Discord conversations, where they discuss updates on current DeFi initiatives that they believe will be able to produce gains, or simply be entertaining.