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What if it was possible for you to receive a living wage just by learning crypto? And later on, you could thrive by getting employed in the crypto economy.

That’s exactly what Learnoverse has on offer. And what makes this achievable is a factor called tokenomics.

Crash Course: What is Tokenomics?

Tokenomics is a word to describe the math and incentives governing cryptocurrencies. So it’s a branch of the economy that is only dedicated to crypto ecosystems.

Simply put, it is the science of the token economy. It helps you to gain knowledge about crypto assets and general information about the crypto economy.

Tokenomics also refers to the rules associated with a token. For example, it reveals how the asset works or how the token benefits the participants in that token’s ecosystem.

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Human Basics: The Incentives Theory

Tokenomics is directly related to the psychological concept called incentives theory. You can even find the basics of this idea in your daily life. Let’s say you want to donate to a charity, and in return, you get a cool badge. You like to gather these badges so you keep donating. This way, besides helping others you get to have a nice badge collection.

In simple words, the theory claims that incentives or what we call “rewards” are likely to encourage specific activity.

In the blockchain world, incentives theory works the same. It is used to encourage you to take useful action in a token’s economy. And this is very important to a token’s ecosystem. Here’s why.

As a human, your behavior depends on two main factors:

  • The ability to receive rewards
  • The desire to receive rewards

Just like in your day-to-day basis life, the process of motivating crypto users in a token’s ecosystem goes through these two actions. This means motivated users naturally will participate in critical network activities.

For example, let’s say you are a user of a blockchain network. This blockchain rewards you each time you confirm transactions. Simply because each confirmed transaction helps the blockchain to operate more securely.

If you confirm more transactions, you earn more rewards. This means better security for the network and an increased amount of rewards for you. It’s like a win-win situation for everyone.

And this is exactly why incentives or rewards play an important role in blockchain networks.

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Learn & Earn Tokenomics

Learnoverse rewards and motivates users with Learn&Earn tokenomics. There are three main problems that can be solved with this idea:

  1. It’s hard to find a place to start learning about crypto. There are not enough beginner-friendly educational resources. This makes the crypto learning journey one of the puzzling things in the current times.
  2. We lack crypto educators globally. This is a natural outcome of the shortage we experience in finding a place to start learning about crypto.
  3. Crypto projects struggle to attract users and talent. The gap between lack of knowledge in Web 3.0 and demand in the workforce is massive. That’s why crypto projects often experience a deficiency in skillful employees and users

Learn&Earn tokenomics help settle all three problems mentioned above. It creates a condition that’s enough to sustain finances through learning. Then eventually help learners find career opportunities in crypto. Learn&Earn tokenomics distributes rewards to learners and instructors for learning activities.

By creating an educational Learnoverse, BitDegree is priceless in helping the crypto community grow. Today’s crypto companies do not hide their interest in attracting many users. And for the distribution of rewards, Learn&Earn tokenomics plays a critical role.

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The Future of Tokenomics

Tokenomics is important in the crypto world. And it will remain important as the crypto space keeps its steady growth onwards.

One of the main reasons is that blockchain technology allows projects to create micro-economies. And these economies essentially have to self-sustain. To do that, they need to figure out how tokens should work within their ecosystem.

It’s because there can never be a single rule for each ecosystem. Since blockchain has a massive range of use cases, every token needs to have its own outline.

That’s why tokenomics enables projects to create an inner design of principles within their network. As well as allowing projects to achieve high-functioning platforms.


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