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Best Way to Learn Java: Where to Start?

Headlines, promoting the best way to learn Java or any other language, work on people because they lure readers with the promise of simplicity. Do they sound too good to be true? You have the eye of a tiger then.

Did you know that Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, claims that even he has not mastered C++? Well, that is a bummer, right?

How am I supposed to master programming languages if their creators are not their guru masterminds? Simply put, you don’t master them: you carefully learn them and hope for the best.

Nobody would choose to learn Java the hard way (what kind of marketing would that be?). However, proclaiming that a one-hour study session is enough for you to earn thousands of dollars is something called good-old clickbait.

If you are seriously interested in programming, prepare yourself for some long hours in front of the computer screen. Buy some supplies, a pack of red bulls, and get started.

The Best Way to Learn Java: Do Not Take the Easy Way

If you need life-changing advice, I will tell you one thing: invest in your dream. This investment does not necessarily refer to financial resources: your time is just as valuable.

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It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in any field. So, your learning journey is supposed to last for more than a decade. However, it does not take that long to learn the basics and get started with simpler projects.

Best Way to Learn Java: Where to Start?

Choosing to learn Java the hard way does not mean that you will go to the unimaginable lengths to fulfill your dream. For some, the most challenging route is the one that requires you to work systematically, continuously, and outside the classroom.

However, planning activities and tasks is potentially the best way to learn Java. You might dedicate one hour per day to an online course, or spend that time writing a Java program.

How Long does it Take to Learn Java?

The idea of the best learning techniques relates to the question of how long does it take to learn Java. It might depend on your determination, current skill set, and the time investment you are willing to put in.

However, nobody can tell you the exact amount of minutes you will need to learn any programming language. For some, the basics of Java might click faster, while others will need to study the material multiple times to get a similar result.

Since there is no unified solution, no best way to learn Java that would fit all people, it is recommended that you try trial-and-error learning. This approach simply means that you try various techniques until one finally helps you.

So, how to learn Java when you follow the trial-and-error learning approach? You need to start exploring various resources. For some, coding schools can be beneficial.

However, people are always rushing to their next task. Adding another schedule to their lifestyles might be too much of a struggle. Therefore, for modern women and men, online courses become the way to learn.

Briefly on Java and Its Strengths

  • According to the TIOBE Index for February 2023, Java is the most popular programming language. How can such a generalization be made? Well, the TIOBE Programming Community Index uses 25 search engines to determine which language is among the most popular searches. Apparently, people are the most interested in Java.

Best Way to Learn Java: Where to Start?

  • Java is an interpreted language, meaning that it is converted to binary at the time of execution. Because of this, Java code can run on any operating system.

    As a small drawback, a compilation of interpreted languages takes longer than, let’s say, C++. Therefore, programs written in C++ or any other compiled language will be faster than those produced with Java.
  • Most people describe Java as a general-purpose language that can be used almost anywhere. Therefore, by following the path for how to learn

    Java, you can become a versatile developer, able to work on different projects. For instance, you can build Android apps or choose Java for back-end development.
  • The versatility of this programming language also relates to the best way to learn Java. Settle on a goal you want to reach, and figure out whether Java will give you the hammer and the tools to fulfill it. Let’s explore the possibilities that Java offers.

    For a more elaborate article on Java, visit this tutorial.
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Use cases of Java

  • Web App Development

Java is one of the languages frequently chosen by back-end web developers. It is flexible, and it allows them to build apps that are scalable and easily maintainable. If you are not that familiar with web development, I am sure that this tutorial is enough to give you the basics.

  • Android App Creation

Although a few other languages are starting to be used by Android app development teams, Java has, and still does reign the area of Android app production. In fact, Android app development was done pretty much exclusively with Java in the past, meaning that there is a huge demand for developers in this field alone.

  • Scientific Applications

Scientists use Java to create programs and data analysis applications. Although not as famous for this as Python, it is still worth noting.

  • Trading Bots

If you have ever dabbled in trading cryptocurrencies, stocks, or in forex trading, you would have heard of trading bots. These are automated programs that trade for you at high frequencies, allowing you to build up quite decent profits over time – when they are built right.

Is it Possible to Learn Java on My Own?

Best Way to Learn Java: Where to Start?

Tons of resources on Java are available online, starting from one-off Youtube videos to full-fledged guidelines on every function and concept. Therefore, we return to trial-and-error learning.

With the increased number of resources available, it becomes more difficult to find a studying solution that works for all. Simply put, the concept of the best way to learn Java does not exist, but some options might be the best for specific people.

On your own, it might be challenging to figure out the path for your learning journey.

Which resources to look at first? When is it time to start writing code?

Beginners face these questions every day. If they do not find answers, this setback frequently pushes people to quit learning Java (or any other programming language).

Therefore, people need some guidance and help. In this tutorial, I will provide beginner-friendly learning options for you to follow if you are a rookie, aiming for that high-hanging fruit that is Java.

Exciting projects with Java

Best Way to Learn Java: Where to Start?

The best way to learn Java is to feel excited about this programming language. For some, programming seems like a tedious task of writing incomprehensible lines of gibberish. However, you should know that programming gives you the freedom to do anything you want.

Without passion, you will never find the best way to learn Java. Here are some cool projects to get you pumped up:

After you become comfortable with using Java, you might consider building a camera application just for fun and practice. The project-based approach means that you need to practice, but beginner programmers might find it challenging to recognise the path of app development.

Therefore, in case you need some guidelines, this course will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a camera application.

Even the simplest games can reach the hearts of the public. If you have an exciting idea for a game, you might see Java as the tool to enter the game development industry.

In this course, you will get hands-on experience in creating games. Do you remember Flappy Bird? Well, this course will teach you how to create a replica of this annoyingly satisfying game.

The First Steps of Learning Java

You cannot teach a practical skill in theory.

For instance, if you are taking cooking lessons, they usually take place in the kitchen, and people practice different dishes. Imagine that cooking enthusiasts gather in a regular auditorium and read various recipes instead. Now, think about how many of them will actually improve their skills. Potentially, a tiny percentage.

Of course, the easiest answer to the question of how to learn Java is to start with the basics. However, you should look for project-based courses or tutorials. It means you do not merely get a massive dose of theoretical information that you have no idea how to apply.

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Possible resources

Best Way to Learn Java: Where to Start?

  • Before jumping into the resources, remember to choose a friendly IDE, which you will use to write code. Some of the great options include these environments: IntelliJ, NetBeans, or Eclipse.
  • For beginners, I would suggest starting from this course, covering the basic principles of Java programming. It will help you build a solid foundation of knowledge that you can take to the next level.

    In this course, you will also get some hands-on experience with building Java applications. As we have established, a practice-based approach is the best way to learn Java. Differently than other learning tips and tricks, nobody can deny the effectiveness of the practical experience.
  • For a different learning experience, I encourage you to try interactive courses. The advantage of these courses is that they combine the three best things: theory, a code editor, and exercises that students must do to enter the next lesson.
  • In case your financial situation is preventing you from learning, we encourage you to apply for a scholarship on our platform. Captivate sponsors with your story and they will be more inclined to fund your learning journey.
  • Many mobile applications are allowing you to practice coding. For some, this might be a great way to catch up on a specific topic when they do not have access to a computer.

    However, specialists claim that programming on smartphones will slow down your progress simply because of the impracticality aspect. Nevertheless, it never hurts to try.
  • Youtube is a goldmine of programming tutorials. While you will be able to find many resources, these videos might not address specific topics or fail to go deeper.

    Therefore, Youtube videos are excellent for getting that general knowledge, but for a more advanced learning approach, you should consider other options.
  • Programming community forums will help you find tips and recommendations. Some developers live on StackOverFlow or Quora platforms, and for a good reason.

    Professionals keep track of exciting updates, help others produce quality content, and, as a result, gain more experience. As you know, teaching is the best way to learn anything. If you can explain it to another person, you are on the right track.

Final Note: Tips to Follow

Before you leave to code (I hope), let’s just briefly revisit the main points of this article that can make a huge difference when trying to find the best way to learn Java.

  • Do not believe that you can master Java in a week or a month. In this way, you are setting yourself for failure and disappointment when a week passes, and you are still nowhere near being a master.
  • Do not hope to become a Java guru. Start with more realistic goals. For instance, the aim to write your first Java application is excellent.
  • Try different approaches to learning. Try reading books and tutorials, watching courses, doing various exercises, communicating with programmers, and keep going until you find the solution that works.
  • Look for project-based learning opportunities. Even if you don’t believe you are capable of writing code, start doing it. The more you fail, the better programmer you will become in the end.
  • One bullet point is not enough: practice, practice, and, once again, practice. As a rule, it is excellent to follow the 80% practice and 20% theory approach.
  • Do not set deadlines for yourself. Asking the question of how long does it take to learn Java might seem natural, but it only leads to bizarre expectations. Give yourself the privilege to take as much time as you need.

Now it's time to start learning! Check out this course to start developing your Java skills. 

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How can I learn basic Java?

If you never tried programming with Java, first start with the beginner level online courses. Also, you can watch some educational videos on YouTube or on learning platforms.

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