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What You Will Learn?

  • Basics of Java
  • What is a class in Java
  • How to create objects in Java


Section 1: Welcome to Java
Lecture 1: System.out.println
Lecture 2: Data Types String and int
Lecture 3: Data Type boolean
Lecture 4: Data Type char
Lecture 5: Variables
Lecture 6: Comments
Lecture 7: Math
Lecture 8: Relational Operators
Lecture 9: Equality operators
Lecture 10: Summary
Section 2: Control flow
Lecture 1: Boolean Operator and ( && )
Lecture 2: Boolean Operator or ( || )
Lecture 3: Boolean Operator not ( ! )
Lecture 4: Precedence
Lecture 5: If Statement
Lecture 6: If-Else Statement
Lecture 7: Else-if statement
Lecture 8: Ternary Conditional
Lecture 9: Switch Statement
Lecture 10: Summary
Section 3: Object oriented Java
Lecture 1: Java is object-oriented
Lecture 2: Constructors and Instance Variables
Lecture 3: Constructor Parameters
Lecture 4: The Main Method
Lecture 5: Objects
Lecture 6: Methods part I
Lecture 7: Using Methods I
Lecture 8: Methods part II
Lecture 9: Using Methods II
Lecture 10: Inheritance
Lecture 11: Summary
Section 4: Data Structures
Lecture 1: For Loop
Lecture 2: ArrayList
Lecture 3: ArrayList Access
Lecture 4: ArrayList Insertion
Lecture 5: Iterating over an ArrayList
Lecture 6: For Each Loop
Lecture 7: HashMaps
Lecture 8: Access to HashMaps
Lecture 9: Iterating over HashMaps
Lecture 10: Summary



  • No pre-knowledge is required - enthusiasm is all you need!
  • A PC or Mac is required. Mobile not supported yet;
  • No special software is required in advance of the course.

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