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Best Bitcoin Faucet Guide

Best Bitcoin Faucet Guide

Bitcoin faucets are a very popular theme within the various crypto communities around the world. They receive both a lot of praise and backlash. Some people love them, others think that they are nothing more than a scam. Well, in this guide we are going to try to not only find out which group is right, but also look for the best Bitcoin faucet available – assuming that it’s legit, of course.

I’ll tell you all about the topic: what is a Bitcoin faucet, what they’re used for, why are they even a thing in the first place. We’ll talk about their impact on Bitcoin (whether it be good or bad) and then finally see if we can find a legit and profitable Bitcoin faucet.

Understanding Bitcoin Faucet Meaning

If you’ve ever left a faucet not fully closed in your kitchen or bathroom, you probably noticed that it dripped water. If you would place a bowl under it, it would probably fill the bowl within a day.

This is exactly what a Bitcoin faucet does – only replace “water” with “Bitcoin”.

A Bitcoin faucet is a website that offers you very small amounts of Bitcoin in exchange for you solving captchas, watching ads or doing some other super easy tasks. The name of the units of Bitcoin that these sites offer are called satoshis (in honor of the creator(s) of Bitcoin). A satoshi is considered to be the smallest imaginable amount of Bitcoin – one BTC is equal to 100 million satoshis.

The number of satoshis that a Bitcoin faucet could offer you for the tasks vary – some sites have great rates, while others… not so much. It’s a case-by-case scenario.

Origin and Purpose

The first-ever Bitcoin faucet was called exactly that – The Bitcoin Faucet – and was released for public use back in 2010 – one year after the inception of Bitcoin itself. It was created by a man named Gavin Andresen, who is currently known for being heavily involved in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Faucet offered users a reward of 5 Bitcoins.

Just let that sink in for a bit.

Naturally, Bitcoin was in its very early stages of development and was worth around $0,01. In this type of scenario, a website offering users to earn $0,05 for watching an ad or doing some other simple task still seems generous. But if we converted that into Bitcoin’s current price, that would mean that Gavin offered people almost $29,000 for solving captcha! Imagine that!

The original purpose of a Bitcoin faucet was to spread awareness and educate people about Bitcoin. As you enter the site, the faucet would first of all offer you a gamified method of learning about cryptocurrency transactions – you would get some game credits (coins) and could try different transaction methods within the site (or app). After you’re comfortable and feel like you know what you’re doing, the site lets you participate in various activities that grant you a certain amount of satoshis. It’s a great way to gamify the learning process, while simultaneously bringing in new users.

Business Model

Now that you know what is a Bitcoin faucet and how Bitcoin faucets function, I bet you’re probably wondering – how does it make money?

Truth be told, it isn’t easy to earn a profit with Bitcoin faucets. You could have the best Bitcoin faucet in the market and still be struggling to make ends meet.

Faucet owners usually deposit some sort of an amount of Bitcoin into their cryptocurrency wallet. This wallet is then connected to their own, personal faucet site. After people earn a specific amount of Bitcoin by completing tasks and playing minigames within the site or app, that amount of Bitcoin is paid out of the crypto wallet to the person in question.

To earn money and make a profit from a Bitcoin faucet site, you would have to come up with something unique and original to make your faucet stand out of the crowd. New Bitcoin faucets are emerging every single day (both as websites and as apps), so the market is considered to be very competitive. Only the most original ideas can power through the crowd.

You shouldn’t forget that, at the end of the day, you’re giving out money (just in the form of Bitcoin). This makes it even harder to break even, let alone make a profit. Some options of what you could do with your faucet include, but are not limited to: host more advertisers, promote your products or services with unskippable ad rolls, offer paid competitions and prize wheels, crowdfund, etc.

Unique and noticeable content will not only help you make money or spread awareness but also climb into the ranks of best Bitcoin faucet sites on the web.

Best Bitcoin Faucets

So you know how faucets work, how they make money and how they came to be in the first place. You’re interested and eager to try out the best Bitcoin faucet out there and earn yourself some Bitcoin. To do that, however, you’ll need a Bitcoin faucet list. Not any list, though – you’ll need the “Best Bitcoin Faucet” list, and that’s what I’m going to provide.

Before we jump into the Bitcoin faucet list, however, I’d like to tell you about a site called

BestChange is a currency price converter site. It is a great site to convert fiat currency prices into crypto ones, and vice versa. The reason I bring it up in this tutorial, however, is that it lets you convert satoshis into any other popular currency you want. This is a great tool to quickly check just how much you would make with a specific faucet.

Now, unto the Bitcoin faucet list.

Bitcoin Aliens

Bitcoin Aliens is a great example of a Bitcoin faucet that is both effective AND unique.

Best bitcoin faucet - Bitcoin aliens

BTC Aliens offer you to play games in exchange for Bitcoin. The way this works is that you install an app on your Android or iOS device, register and simply start playing. While you do that, the faucet generates specific amounts of Bitcoin in the background (depending on the game, different actions that you perform generate different amounts of BTC).

This Bitcoin faucet is also famous for having great payout rates. A single payment from this site is said to be around 4000 satoshis, which roughly translates into $0,25.

If you’re looking for the best Bitcoin faucet out there, you should give Bitcoin Aliens a chance.

Bitcoin Zebra

Bitcoin Zebra was born out of frustration and a need for quality – the developer behind this faucet said that he was disappointed by the lack of reputable and well-working faucet sites, so he decided to make one of his own.

What makes Bitcoin Zebra unique is that it’s constantly getting updates and new content, various competitions are being held with great prize pots and the app is being kept up-to-date with updates and changelogs.

The developer of Bitcoin Zebra is determined to keep the faucet up and running as long as people enjoy using it and are active with “feeding the zebra”. The way that the faucet works is that you have to log in at specific periods too, well… feed an animated zebra. By doing this, you earn some satoshis every time.

If the creator of the app will be honest & stand by his words and deliver, Bitcoin Zebra has the potential to become one of the top Bitcoin faucets in the market, if not the best Bitcoin faucet there is.

Moon Bitcoin

An established Bitcoin faucet, Moon Bitcoin has a dedicated user base and is considered by many to be one of the better faucets there are.

Best bitcoin faucet - Moon bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin aims to attract new users by offering them a range of different cryptocurrencies to attain, while also having daily login rewards. This faucet issues its payments every few minutes, so you can just leave an open tab on your browser and watch a movie or play a game, and simply come back to Moon Bitcoin every few minutes to claim your satoshis.

The site also offers you consistency rewards – if you claim satoshis at least once per day, you start getting increasingly more profit after a certain time. As you can see from the screenshot above, after 30 days of consistent claims your potential profits could increase by 4,7% – this is a great margin when you think of it.

Just like most other Bitcoin faucet sites, Moon Bitcoin offers its users’ affiliate bonuses. If you bring new users to the site, you could potentially earn up to 10% more with your claims!

Moon Bitcoin is a great addition to any “best Bitcoin faucet” list, so don’t hesitate to give it a try!


As funny as it may sound, this faucet is considered to be the most “family-friendly” one out there. It’s one of the less known Bitcoin faucets, but its user base is constantly growing and it’s starting to receive some recognition in the cryptocurrency faucet community.

Best bitcoin faucet - Family BTC

FamilyBTC is unique in that it offers the users different plans that they can choose to boost up their profit speeds. The site also has a 100% referral bonus, which is quite significant when you take the faucet’s user base into consideration.

All in all, this promises to be a great option when it comes to the best Bitcoin faucets, even though it isn’t as well known as the other entries on this list.

Choosing the Best Faucet

So, now you know about some of the best Bitcoin faucets that there are, and you have some information about their inception and usefulness at your disposal. How do you go about choosing the correct faucet, though?

First of all, you shouldn’t limit yourself to one, single faucet. This would seriously slow down your potential earning speed and it would take a very long time to notice any revenue whatsoever.

Choose a few different faucets. The main criteria you should follow are the amounts of satoshis that the faucets offer, payout frequencies and reputations. If a site tells you that it’ll pay you half a Bitcoin per day, it’s probably a scam – always research the faucets you plan to use and read some user reviews around the internet. When you’re sure that the Bitcoin faucet is legit, remember it’s parameters and search for the next one.

Once you have four or five reputable faucet sites and apps at your disposal, figure out the rotation of each of them. It might take some getting used to, but you should soon be able to not even think about it and collect your satoshis almost automatically.


There are so many sites claiming to be the “best Bitcoin faucet”, that eventually you might find yourself at a crossroad – confused and not knowing which ones are legit and which are a scam. It takes time and critical thinking skills to pick out the legitimate ones from all around.

Today you’ve learned what is a Bitcoin faucet, how they work and why they even exist, and you’ve read about some of the best Bitcoin faucets there are. Remember, the list provided in this guide barely scratches the surface – perhaps the faucet that perfectly suits your wants and needs isn’t even mentioned here.

Whatever the case might be, always be cautious and view every site that claims to be the “the best Bitcoin faucet” with a grain of salt. Always use your analytical thinking skills and read reviews – you might be surprised how clever people can be when they want to scam you.

Remember – don’t limit yourself to a single faucet. Maximize your potential earnings by choosing at least a few different faucets and learning how they work. Don’t forget to strike a good balance between websites and apps – this will help you to not get drained out and bored in the long run.

I hope this guide was useful for you, and if you do decide on trying out Bitcoin faucets yourself, I wish you the best of luck!

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