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Git Introduction

Git is a software used for version controlSystems dedicated to version control allows managing changes of information in various documents - websites, programs and other files and forms of gathered information. Git is easy to use and is the most popular system.

It is a distributed version control system. Unlike centralized version control systems, it does not need to rely on a central server to store different versions of a project. Instead, all contributors - people who are working on the project have locally stored copies of the main repository.

Git Benefits As A VCS

Why use Git and what are the main differences from other Version Control Systems (VCS)?

All companies use one or another type of version control system. Local Version Control tool saves changes to the database on the local computer. Centralized Version Control tools use a shared server to store files. Distributed Version Control system distributes copies of the files to the clients who use it and is better for:

  1. This allows easier file sharing than Local Version Control
  2. Eliminating issues that could occur if server connection is lost under Centralized Version Control system
  3. All changes are recorded and difficult to lose

The following tutorials later will go into detail about how you can get started with using Git for keeping track of the applications you develop.

Getting Started - Git Tools

There are many ways to use Git. It has a lot of different dedicated tools to use. We mentioned that there is the option to download third-party Git GUI tools. However, Git comes with already built in GUI, as well as other different tools. This tutorial will focus on the command line, because though


As its name suggests, it is a command line prompt interpreter. If you use or have used Windows, you probably had seen one. If you installed Git on Windows and are used to using CMD, you can use it for git commands.

Git Bash

Bash in Git is a emulation or a Unix shell for Linux and Mac OS, so you can use it on Windows if you are used to Linux.


It is a Graphical User Interface. This allows usage of Git without touching Git Bash or CMD and avoiding use of command lines.

However, built-in GUI has its limitations. At first sight, it is very minimalistic. On the other hand, many GUI with different capabilities only is able to implicate only partial Git functionality. This why in this tutorial we will master using the command line.