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Space and Time Introduces Ultra-Fast ZK Prover

Key Takeaways

  • Space and Time launches Proof of SQL, a high-speed ZK prover for efficient on-chain transactions;
  • ZK provers are crucial for maintaining privacy in cryptographic systems but have been criticized for slowing down transactions; Proof of SQL addresses this with sub-second proof times;
  • Proof of SQL processes over 100,000 row queries in under a second on a single GPU.
Space and Time Introduces Ultra-Fast ZK Prover

Crypto startup Space and Time, based in California, has launched an advanced zero-knowledge (ZK) prover, Proof of SQL, designed to enhance on-chain transaction efficiency.

Previously available only to a few clients during its alpha phase last August, this high-speed ZK prover is now open to the public.

ZK provers play a vital role in cryptographic system privacy by allowing users to verify data or transactions without exposing additional information. However, they have been criticized for slowing down transaction execution.

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How to Avoid Rug Pulls in Crypto? (5 Ways Explained)

How to Avoid Rug Pulls in Crypto? (5 Ways Explained) How to Avoid Rug Pulls in Crypto? (5 Ways Explained)

Dr. Jay White, co-founder and head of research at Space and Time, explained the innovation behind Proof of SQL:

Our team pioneered sub-second ZK-proofs so that smart contracts and AI agents can ask questions about a chain's activity, as well as off-chain data, and receive back trustless SQL query results on-chain during a transaction without having to wait for 30-minute proof times.

Furthermore, Proof of SQL offers a more optimized processing architecture for large-scale operations than traditional zk-Virtual Machines (zkVMs) and co-processors. Proof of SQL can process queries involving over 100,000 rows in less than a second using a single GPU unit. This allows faster and more extensive task execution when integrated into zkVMs on blockchains like Ethereum (ETH).

The launch of this new ZK prover represents a leap forward in blockchain technology. By reducing query times and enhancing processing efficiency, this innovation has the potential to revolutionize DeFi and on-chain transactions.

In other news, Vitalik Buterin has recently suggested using ZK technology for "likes" on Farcaster, an Ethereum-based decentralized social media.

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