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Scammers Breach Blockchain Capital's X, Unleash Fake Token Promotions

Scammers Breach Blockchain Capital's X, Unleash Fake Token Promotions

Scammers hack yet another X account to promote their malicious schemes.

Scammers have once again shown their reach, this time compromising the X (formerly Twitter) profile of Blockchain Capital, a renowned crypto-centric venture capital firm.

On August 9th, Blockchain Capital's X followers were bombarded with multiple posts luring them with the potential of obtaining “BCAP” tokens. These posts led users to a deceptive website crafted to mirror Blockchain Capital’s authentic site. 

Crypto Fees Explained: How Not to Overpay? (Animated)

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Crypto Fees Explained: How Not to Overpay? (Animated)

Crypto Fees Explained: How Not to Overpay? (Animated) Crypto Fees Explained: How Not to Overpay? (Animated)

However, the real intention behind this act was quickly apparent. The fake site encouraged users to link their cryptocurrency wallets. Such ploys are not unfamiliar as they're at the center of many phishing scams, aiming to deceive individuals into initiating transactions that could potentially empty customer wallets.

To prevent any potential alerts to their scam, the malicious actors disabled comments on their promotional posts. Still, many vigilant Twitter users spread the word, sharing the dubious posts and alerting their followers of the fraudulence.

At the time of writing, Blockchain Capital has regained control of its X account and has deleted all malicious posts.

It is worth noting that more and more scammers are targeting X accounts of crypto-related entities to promote fraudulent schemes and defraud customers.

Recently, the FBI cautioned the public about malicious actors seizing social media accounts of notable personalities within the crypto community. Just a few days ago, Jeremy Hogan, a lawyer advocating for XRP, had his X account hacked. It was then used to share malicious links for an alleged XRP giveaway that lasted nearly four days.

The crypto sphere, with its vast opportunities, isn't without its pitfalls. The recent X breaches, like the one endured by Blockchain Capital, underscore the pressing need for heightened security measures and constant vigilance. Staying informed and adopting best security practices is the best defense against such malicious actors.

Gile K., Market Sentiment Analyst
Gile is a Market Sentiment Analyst who understands what public events may form what emotions. Her experience researching Web3 news and public market messages – including cryptocurrency news reports, PRs, and social network streams – is critical to her role in helping lead the Crypto News Editorial Team.
As an intelligent professional in public relations, together with the team, she aims to determine real VS fake news patterns, and bring her findings to anyone searching for unbiased news and events happening in the FinTech markets. Her expertise is uncovering the latest trustworthy & informative Web3 announcements to the masses.
When she's not researching the trustworthiness of mainstream stories, she spends time enjoying her terrace view and taking meticulous care of her outdoor environment.



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