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PayPal Proposes Rewards for Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining

Key Takeaways

  • PayPal partners with Energy Web and DMG Blockchain to launch a project rewarding Bitcoin miners using sustainable energy;
  • The "Green Proofs for Bitcoin" platform certifies miners as "green" by evaluating their use of clean energy, allowing them to earn extra rewards;
  • PayPal’s initiative aims to promote eco-friendly Bitcoin mining practices.
PayPal Proposes Rewards for Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining

PayPal has proposed a new project in partnership with Energy Web and DMG Blockchain Solutions to promote sustainable Bitcoin (BTC) mining.

The initiative, announced in a recent PayPal blog post, introduces a system where Bitcoin miners using sustainable energy sources can earn special "green keys," which link to their public keys and certify them as "green miners."

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The green certification would be managed through the Energy Web’s “Green Proofs for Bitcoin” platform, which evaluates miners based on their use of clean energy and their overall impact on the grid.

The project proposes a mechanism where on-chain transactions would be preferentially routed to green miners by attaching lower fees but with an additional Bitcoin reward, which would be "locked" in a multisig payout address and accessible only to them.

PayPal’s Blockchain Research Group has tested this system with miner DMG Blockchain Solutions, focusing on how low-fee transactions perform under different conditions. They noted that transactions could be delayed or even dropped, which potentially opens more opportunities for green miners.

Further development could involve using private networks like the Lightning Network or using smart contracts to enhance this incentive system. However, PayPal acknowledges that these options might increase complexity and need more sophisticated implementation strategies.

Overall, PayPal's initiative seeks to align financial incentives with environmental sustainability, encouraging BTC miners to shift toward greener practices.

Another recent development by PayPal is its update that allows US customers to make international money transfers without transaction fees.

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