Mike Tyson NFTs Launched on Binance’s Marketplace

Mike Tyson NFTs Launched on Binance’s Marketplace

The world-renowned boxing legend has officially rolled out his non-fungible token (NFT) collection.

With several sports celebrities entering the blockchain industry, iconic figures like Mike Tyson, who is well known by people even outside boxing, are bringing in fan engagement through digital collectibles.

Based on the official announcement, the Binance NFT marketplace has listed Mike Tyson’s Mystery Box collection that will give users a chance to earn NFTs from five editions: Bronze (N), Silver(R), Gold(SR), Diamond (SSR), and Platinum (SSR).

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Bronze, Silver, and Gold Mike Tyson NFTs were created by Henric Aryee, who is an award-winning digital asset artist. These editions consist of 99.67% of all digital assets minted in this collection.

Diamond and Platinum NFTs will act as redeemable items that can be used in exchange for Mike Tyson’s premium merchandise, with Platinum owners receiving autographed accessories and clothing.

The winners of Diamond and Platinum NFTs will be able to connect their wallets to Metacurio in order to get 3 extra Mike Tyson NFTs for free, with additional rewards supposedly coming in the future.

There are 14,500 Mike Tyson Mystery Boxes available, with each costing 44 BUSD. They will be available approximately 2 hours after this article has been published.

Mike Tyson is not the first legendary boxing champion to launch an NFT collection. Back in March, one of the greatest boxers in the world Wladimir Klitschko announced his digital asset collection, with all the proceeds going towards supporting his home country Ukraine.

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