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H-Eearn: The New Huobi Wallet Feature Enhances Asset Management Security

H-Eearn: The New Huobi Wallet Feature Enhances Asset Management Security

Huobi Wallet is the official, multi-chain wallet of the Huobi ecosystem. It has announced a new feature called H-Earn. This new feature is actually an asset management tool that has two distinct purposes - asset preservation (security), and providing users with a wider investment option pool.

H-Earn will keep dedicated assets in a specially-created smart contract. These assets will then be directed to what the widget deems to be top-tier reliability-possessing and high-yield-providing projects on some of the most popular public blockchain networks. With H-Earn, the user will be able to both invest in a traditional sense, as well as participate in mining activities.

H-Earn will employ Huobi Global’s security technology. This will help the asset management tool investigate the different token projects (the team behind them, liquidity, active addresses, etc.), establish certain risk assessment criteria. Thus, H-Earn will help users find highly-lucrative projects that promise high returns, yet are still reliable enough to be invested in.

Upon release, H-Earn supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT). This is in-line with the demand seen from the market. With time, the tool will continue adding new projects to the list, in accordance with the market trends.

The Head of Huobi Wallet, Liser Lee, had this to say regarding the matter:

“The iteration of blockchain technology promotes the development of the entire industry. New concepts such NFT (non-fungible tokens), GameFi and metaverse have huge impacts on the market. Whether you are a senior investor or a new player, you will always find a suitable investment target in H-Earn to maintain and increase the value of your assets.”

Together with the launch of H-Earn, Huobi Wallet has organized a special event for its users. Once you deposit some crypto assets into H-Earn, you will be able to redeem the principle after a week, and enjoy a week-long 100% annualized ROI.

With the launch event investment cap being $1000, users are able to increase it by inviting their friends to come check H-Earn out. This will increase the maximum amount by $400, up to a cap of $9000. This promotion is only valid during the period of the launch event. The top 1,000 users will have an additional opportunity to win a reward of 5,000 USDT.

Additional information on Huobi Wallet’s H-Earn can be found here.

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H-Eearn: The New Huobi Wallet Feature Enhances Asset Management Security


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The Huobi Wallet is designed by blockchain security experts within the Huobi Group, a globally-recognized, blockchain-centered company. The aim of the Huobi Wallet is to be a multi-chain, light product that complements the Huobi ecosystem with simplicity and a vast pool of supported digital assets, which include the likes of the top public chains in the current market. The Huobi Wallet allows users to employ an array of different dApps that will help them manage and track their assets, mining rewards, and more - all with a single click.



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