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Security, Transparency, and Compliance are at the Forefront of Huobi Trust’s Custody Strategy

Security, Transparency, and Compliance are at the Forefront of Huobi Trust’s Custody Strategy

The popularity and growth of the cryptocurrency market are undeniable. While the majority of the general public found out about crypto and digital assets back in the 2017 bull run, 2021 has undoubtedly been the year of crypto. With over 10,000 different crypto assets existing in the space, and blockchain technology being integrated everywhere from art (NFTs) to new-generation digital solutions (metaverses), it’s evident that the market is bound to continue to grow.

Such unprecedented growth, however, does bring some challenges with itself. A single look at news headlines will reveal that these challenges revolve mostly around regulatory compliance, and investor fund protection. While Michael Saylor (the CEO of MicroStrategy) is adamant that the cryptocurrency market will one day grow more than 50x from where it is now, this is unlikely to happen until the question of regulations is put to rest.

Cryptocurrency exchange, lending, and staking platforms are spearheading the discussions on crypto regulations. While many of such exchange platforms do already possess a global presence, each country (region) employs different regulations, and failing to comply with them could result in revoked licenses, and create additional problems that would require subsidiary-company interventions (Binance is the perfect example here).

Custodian Services that You Can Trust: Compliance, Customization, Transparency

Huobi Trust Hong Kong offers a solution to all crypto-savvy investors that are interested in trading and investing in digital assets in a safe, reliable, and custodian ecosystem. Huobi Trust Hong Kong is backed by Huobi Technology Holding Limited (“Huobi Tech”, stock code 1611. HK). The company is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, which further proves the legitimacy and longevity of said establishment.

Lily Zhang, the CFO of Huobi Tech, said that “as a registered trust company under the common law system in Hong Kong, we aim to become the leading crypto asset trust service provider in the world.”

A Transparent Approach to Crypto Asset Trading

Apart from regulatory compliance, crypto asset custody service providers have another responsibility to attend to - that of earning the trust of their potential clients. This is most commonly done with a combination of two approaches - independent third-party attestations & audits, as well as a continuous commitment to transparent and ever-growing security measures applications.

Legitimate operation-wise, Huobi Trust Hong Kong is fully compliant with all of the relevant rules and regulations. This includes AML policies, as well as Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance. The organization has also obtained the Hong Kong Trust and Company Service Provider license (TC007494). These measures make sure that Huobi Trust offers transparent services to its clients, as well as complies with strict, yet mandatory AML and CTF regulations.

Security is at the Top of the Priority List

No matter where you look at the crypto space, you will see that one sentiment is echoed more than any other - security as at the very top of the concern list, when it comes to digital asset investors (both retail, and institutional investors, too). This has become an even more prevalent issue after a few high-profile exchange cyberattacks and hacks that have left investors void of their funds.

Huobi Trust’s Zhang noted that “as the crypto asset space is evolving, we will continue to improve our product offerings in trust and custody services and ensure that the safety and security of our client’s assets always come first.

This statement is a continuation of Huobi Trust’s general commitment to safekeep its clients’ assets, and protect them from potential cyberattacks. Huobi Trust Hong Kong employs a tested security infrastructure with its services, and is up-to-date with all of the modern-day asset security measures and security-focused frameworks. Said measures include globally-distributed, multi-signature-protected cold wallet storage devices, a well-known and incredibly effective method of user crypto asset protection.

As the crypto industry continues to grow and expand, it is imperative that both investors, as well as custodial service providers, keep up with the security and asset protection trends, and employ relevant measures, accordingly.

If you’d like to learn more about Huobi Trust Hong Kong, please visit: https://www.huobihktrust.com/

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Security, Transparency, and Compliance are at the Forefront of Huobi Trust’s Custody Strategy


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