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How to Earn Extra Income at Home with Cloud Mining

How to Earn Extra Income at Home with Cloud Mining

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered unprecedented economic challenges in many countries. Against this difficult backdrop, we continue to experience financial issues like rising income inequality, high debts, inflation, etc. While this may sound too much to take in, you shouldn't give up too fast. Did you know cloud mining is one the best ways to earn passive income?

Crypto cloud mining has now become an essential part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It allows anyone with an internet connection and a small investment to participate in the mining process and earn passive income in return. While there are a number of cloud mining platforms in existence today, the majority of them suffer from one issue or another. One platform that aims to change the way people access cloud mining, regardless of technical expertise or expensive hardware, is Fancy Crypto.

Introducing Fancy Crypto – The World Leading Hash Rate Provider

As a pioneering cloud mining company, Fancy Crypto has already carved out a reputation as being a trustworthy hash rate provider for over 360,000 users all over the world. It wants to provide access to large-scale industrial data centers aided by cutting-edge technologies to make cloud mining available to everyone.

Fancy Crypto aims to become the world’s leading cloud mining platform by delivering 2% to 10% of the world’s total cloud mining hash rate. It uses advanced deployment technology with plans to introduce more innovative product packages and services in the future.

The platform allows users to generate passive income with small investments. It is made with the combined effort of industry professionals with backgrounds in data security, crypto finance, blockchain technology and Bitcoin mining.

How Does Fancy Crypto Make Cloud Mining Easier?

As mentioned before, Fancy Crypto provides a one-stop solution for cloud mining, eliminating the need for technical expertise or expensive hardware/software. Some of the advantages of using this platform include no physical space requirement, lower electricity costs, 24/7 uptime and instant connectivity.

Unlike other platforms, Fancy Crypto delivers its services on time, making the entire cloud mining process hassle-free. To start cloud mining, users simply have to register on the website, choose an appropriate mining package from the list of risk-free cloud mining contracts and start earning passive income.

Fancy Crypto also has a lucrative referral program that provides users with the opportunity to earn up to 3%. There are no limits on the number of referrals a user can make, which makes the earning potential limitless.

Payment Methods Accepted by Fancy Crypto

Fancy Crypto accepts several cryptocurrencies as payments, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Tether. Currently, it does not accept credit cards and PayPal. Profits are settled every 24 hours after the contract purchase. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is fixed at $100. Additional transaction fees are applicable for withdrawals.

Cloud Mining Packages Available

At Fancy Crypto, there 7 crypto mining packages to choose from.

  • Free cloud mining - The contract is for a duration of 1 day and has a contract price of $10, with a fixed return of $10.15
  • Experienced project cloud mining, 2 days contract, contract price of $100, with a fixed return of $105
  • Ethereum cloud mining, 5 days contract, contract price of $300, with a fixed return of $324
  • Litecoin cloud mining, 10 days contract, contract price of $800, with a fixed return of $944
  • Dogecoin cloud mining, 15 days contract, contract price of $1500, with a fixed return of $1938.75
  • Ethereum classic cloud mining, 30 days contract, contract price of $3000, with a fixed return of $4806
  • Bitcoin cloud mining, 60 days contract, contract price of $5000, with a fixed return of $11580

In addition, they also offer a referral program that rewards affiliates for bringing in new users. Some of the benefits of the referral program include:

  • 3% off of your referrals' purchase orders
  • No need for investment to become an affiliate
  • Instant payout for referral rewards

Fancy Crypto’s Browser-Based Platform

Unlike other cloud mining platforms, Fancy Crypto has a browser-based platform, which doesn’t require the user to download any app. Users are advised to be careful of any official app that masquerades to be Fancy Crypto.


Overall, with a proven track record, security measures, and a lucrative referral program, Fancy Crypto offers an easy and hassle-free way to earn passive income through cryptocurrency mining. So join Fancy Crypto today by visiting http://fancycrypto.com/

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How to Earn Extra Income at Home with Cloud Mining


Fancy Crypto

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Fancy Crypto is a leading cryptocurrency investment firm founded in London in 2016. Our website and mobile cloud mining platform are trusted by thousands of users worldwide, offering the most efficient way to earn Bitcoin. As a regulated mining company, we share our computing resources to generate cryptocurrency without the need for you to purchase expensive mining equipment or GPUs.



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