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BitDegree to Launch the World-First Crypto Learning Metaverse

BitDegree to Launch the World-First Crypto Learning Metaverse

BitDegree has long been one of the leaders in the blockchain-powered eLearning space. Being an avid proponent of education gamification and crypto tech, BitDegree has recently announced a brand new, one-of-a-kind initiative called the Learnoverse.

The Learnoverse will provide users with a gamified and interactive learning experience. This experience will be amplified by the metaverse - users will be able to create their own avatars, collect Learnoverse-exclusive NFTs, as well as explore the entirety of the brand new, education-oriented space.

All of the core blockchain-powered features that are currently available on BitDegree will be transferred and made available on the Learnoverse, too. Students of the platform will still be able to enjoy their blockchain-based certificates and scholarships, as well as various gamification elements.

A brand new initiative will also be available for instructors who have their courses based on BitDegree, as well. BitDegree states that:

“99% of [instructors] fail to earn substantial income from teaching, and the Learn&Earn tokenomics will pay them for their content consumption without monetizing users.”

In other words, the Learnoverse will come equipped with brand new tokenomics, which will allow instructors to earn a fair income for their courses, without having to monetize the user.

BitDegree to launch the world-first crypto learning metaverse: BitDegree's Learnoverse announcement.

The core goal that BitDegree has with Learnoverse is simple - to make education fun and interactive, with the help of metaverse technology. The company believes that this will incentivize students to view learning as a visual journey, and help provide those same users with real-world, tangible benefits and experiences.

Following the announcement of the Learnoverse project, BitDegree explained its decision to switch their focus from trying to inject crypto tech into traditional education by stating:

“We had a breakthrough last year, realizing that the blockchain application in the traditional education sector currently has limited potential. We experimented with and developed several “blockchain-in-education” products, such as blockchain credentials, P2P blockchain scholarships, and various incentives-based products that saw limited adoption in the traditional education sector.”

The company goes on to say that, while the traditional education sector might not yet be ready to accept crypto tools and technology, as a whole, the case is very different with the field of crypto-native education.

Here, users are already well-versed in all-things-crypto, and the excitment surrounding new blockchain-related concepts is increasing every year. With the help of the Learnoverse, educational tools can be brought to these crypto enthusiasts, and presented in a way that will help them learn new skills, as well as develop already-existing ones, in an interactive and visual way.

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BitDegree to Launch the World-First Crypto Learning Metaverse



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BitDegree is concerned with online education. It utilizes blockchain technology to help students connect with potential employers, as well as providing those same students with the tools needed to learn and develop job market-relevant skills. BitDegree is also focused on exploring the innovations of the crypto space, and integrating new blockchain-centric concepts into their education provision models.



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