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Binance Unveils "Bixel," an AI-Based NFT Artwork Generator for Verified Users

Binance Unveils "Bixel," an AI-Based NFT Artwork Generator for Verified Users

Binance introduces a new AI-based tool generating NFTs.

Binance NFT, a non-fungible token subsidiary of the renowned cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has unveiled a unique AI-powered NFT generator for its verified users.

"Bixel," the AI-operated NFT generator, became available to Binance NFT users on July 26th, allowing the creation of unique digital pieces and a deeper engagement with the NFT space.

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Candlesticks, Trendlines & Patterns Easily Explained (Animated Examples)

Candlesticks, Trendlines & Patterns Easily Explained (Animated Examples) Candlesticks, Trendlines & Patterns Easily Explained (Animated Examples)

However, this initiative can be only accessed by users who have completed the platform's Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Binance outlined its rationale for the requirement:

This critical measure is in place to maintain a trustworthy and secure platform for all users, aligning with best practices and regulatory requirements.

Users looking to utilize Bixel for minting NFTs will be charged a 0.008 BNB minting fee. When asked about the fee, Binance clarified that it helps to ensure that NFT minting process on BNB Smart Chain runs smoothly.

However, initially, Binance NFT offers ten daily opportunities for users to generate artwork free of charge.

In March, Binance introduced a trial version of the AI NFT generator named “Bicasso,” which rapidly reached its minting limit of 10,000 NFTs.

Despite the success, a cloud of controversy descended shortly after the "Bicasso" was unveiled to the public. A community member known as Ggoma leveled allegations against Binance, claiming they had stolen the AI NFT generator concept from "Chatcasso," a winning project at a BNB Chain hackathon held in Seoul, South Korea, in December 2022.

Binance's leap into AI-generated NFTs through the introduction of Bixel has marked another significant stride in the fusion of AI and digital art. This development offers verified users an engaging entry point into the dynamic NFT world, echoing Binance's continuous commitment to stay abreast of the fast-paced crypto industry.

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