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Hashlists Reveals 3 Best Ways to Earn Passive Income with Crypto in 2022

Hashlists Reveals 3 Best Ways to Earn Passive Income with Crypto in 2022

Meet Hashlists - the new generation of cloud mining systems.

Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is a kind of remote mining. Users may acquire cloud mining contracts, lease computer capacity for mining, and earn a consistent income through the site. The benefit of cloud mining is that users do not require an in-depth grasp of mining concepts and diverse software and hardware, nor do they need to acquire costly mining devices or maintain 24-hour availability.

Hashlists offers such cloud mining services and has also created a new user experience incentive worth $8 for cryptocurrency newcomers, allowing customers to try out a one-day cloud mining service without making a deposit. The $8 experience coupon is used to purchase a new user experience package and get $0.8 after one day. Simultaneously, the $8 may be used to buy and withdraw additional value contracts. New users can sign up and cash out the benefits upfront.

3 best ways to earn passive income with crypto in 2022: different APYs depending on the number of days.

Hashlists believe that everyone should have access to simple passive income through cryptocurrency. To ensure that this is feasible, it provides users with various plans. Contract mining options include LTC MINING, ETH MINING, BTC MINING, FIL MINING, and DOGE MINING, with prices ranging from $8 to $6,500.

Users may deposit any cryptocurrency through cryptocurrency wallets or exchanges, and the site will immediately convert it to USD equivalents, which can be used to purchase any plan. When the user completes the investment withdrawal process, he must enter the cryptocurrency withdrawal address. The system will immediately transfer the cryptocurrency to the specified address at the current market price.

As a result, mining revenue will be unaffected by cryptocurrency price fluctuations.

In comparison to mining, cloud mining is more accessible to newcomers. Beginners don't need to possess expert abilities to install and maintain mining equipment. Hashlists will take care of all of that to provide you with a hassle-free environment, and all you have to do is start mining at their expense.

Affiliate Programs

Some digital currency firms have created incentive schemes to incentivize everyone to assist the platform in recommending new users. This may be accomplished by sharing an affiliate link, suggesting a friend, or providing other incentives to new users.

If you have a sizable following on social media (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube, for example), the affiliate program is an excellent method to make a little money.

Hashlists have an affiliate network of this kind. Users who refer friends using their referral links earn a 3% reward on each investment plan bought by the invitee. For instance, if the invitee purchases a $100 investment plan, the inviter receives a $3 commission.

If you're interested in generating passive income with Hashlists, join the Hashlists Affiliate Program and earn commissions for spreading the word about Hashlists!


Mining is defined as using computing power to maintain a network and earn incentives. While mining does not involve the ownership of digital currency, it is one of the oldest and most established methods of making passive income in the digital currency field.

Mining with CPU was a proven approach throughout the early stages of Bitcoin's growth. As the network's hash rate rose, the majority of miners upgraded to more powerful GPUs. As competition intensified, the battleground shifted to ASICelectrical devices that use mining-specific processing processors.

The ASIC sector is very competitive, with competitors monopolizing R&D resources. By the time these chips reach the retail market, they may be outdated, and they will take significant mining time to break even. As a result, the majority of the Bitcoin mining industry has been taken over by professional firms, making it harder for regular people to earn passive income.

Additionally, mining equipment installation and maintenance demand an initial investment and a certain degree of knowledge. As a result, this is not appropriate for beginners.


There are a rising number of passive income prospects in the blockchain sector, which are increasingly becoming more popular with each passing day. Additionally, some of these approaches have been employed by blockchain companies to provide mining services to a much larger audience. As the security and dependability of blockchain products continue to develop, they may soon become a reliable source of income.

So, if you are looking forward to starting your career in mining, we suggest that you should consider the offer that Hashlists is providing and start making passive income on auto mode, because the sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities with blockchain and mining.

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Hashlists Reveals 3 Best Ways to Earn Passive Income with Crypto in 2022



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Hashlists — a new generation of cloud mining systems. We at Hashlists believe that our mission is to bring blockchain tech to the people. Launched a few years ago in London, England, Hashlists is a cloud mining service that provides globally now.



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