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Cukies World TRON Protocol dApp Collectibles

Cukies World TRON Protocol
dApp Collectibles

Cukies World is a collection of 12,000 NFTs that serve as playable characters in a unique P2E game. It's deployed on the TRON network. There are 6 rarity types of every NFT a.k.a. Cuki. Players can improve their Cuki's skill through collecting different resources. They can either be traded on the marketplace or cashed out.

Cukies World Social Profiles:

Cukies World Social Profiles:

Cukies World dApp Analysis

Get the most important Cukies World dApp metrics at your fingertips - analyze the in-depth charts below, evaluate dApp’s activity in different time periods & make fast, accurate decisions!

Cukies World Smart Contract Statistics

Cukies World dApp Technical Analysis

Cukies World dApp is a crypto asset from the Collectibles category built on the Tron protocol. Now it’s ranked as #6038 in general dApp rankings according to the user count, and #656 in the Collectibles category, which gives you a good idea of how Cukies World dApp performs among its competitors.

By analyzing Cukies World dApp data in the last 30-day window, it’s evident that the dApp’s Balance is $21, and the Volume is stable with $0. Cukies World has generated 11 Transactions with a 0% change in the 30-day period. Clearly, the Volume has been steady by 0% in comparison to the previous 7-day period. The data of the last 7 days show that the Cukies World user base is 7 & has been decreasing by 66.67%.

We also recommend taking a look at the Cukies World Activity Overview & Balance of Smart Contracts graphs to see how these important metrics fluctuate & change over time.

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What sort of information can I get about Cukies World with the BDG Crypto Portfolio Tracker tool?

The Crypto Portfolio Tracker tool allows you to check all of the most important crypto metrics in regards to Cukies World, or any other dApp out there. These metrics include unique user counts, dApp volume, balance, transaction counts, DeFi statistics, smart contracts, and much more. Doing so, you'll learn that Tron-powered Cukies World is ranked as the #6038 dApp, overall. All of the metrics can be viewed in 24-hour, 7-day, and 30-day periods.

How should I know if the Cukies World dApp is worth tracking?

The BDG Crypto Portfolio Tracker tool provides you with all of the information that you might need to figure these things out! All you need to do is analyze the main criteria - things such as market cap, transaction counts, CAP/TVL ratio, and a few more. Probably, volume traded is the first and one of the most important metrics to start with, it shows an overall demand for the dApp tokens. You may also check how Cukies World compares with other dApps, as well. Depending if the results satisfy you or not, you'll have a much better idea of whether or not Cukies World is worth tracking!

How has the Cukies World volume changed over time?

In the last 24 hours, Cukies World had a volume of $0. This is a 0% change compared to the previous period. In the last 7-day period, the volume of the dApp has changed by 0%. Lastly, if you were to look at the 30-day period, the change is around 0%.

What is a dApp?

A dApp is a decentralized application that runs on a P2P network, such as a blockchain, and is fueled by tokens. The main difference between dApps and regular applications is that they eliminate middlemen, meaning no single entity has control over the network. Also, dApps are transparent as data is kept public and smart contracts are open-sourced. This is true no matter if the dApp is a crypto wallet, an exchange platform, or else.

What are the main benefits of dApps?

The main benefit of dApps is that they're completely free from the control of any single authority and operate by the logic of smart contracts. This means that no individual, no matter how powerful, can control the dApp after its smart contract is launched into the blockchain. Moreover, a P2P system ensures that decentralized applications continue to run even if significant parts of the network stop operating. dApps communicate with smart contracts that make the functionality and integration of cryptocurrencies effortless.

Where can dApps be applied?

dApps can be applied in various online industries, including advertising, gaming, social media, banking, real estate, the Internet of Things, elections & voting, and so much more. The utilization of dApps is almost limitless, and their number continues to grow every day, so it's unclear what more the future will bring. BitDegree's approach makes dApp & other Web3-related information well-accessible and easily understandable for everyone globally.

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Current rank of Cukies World is #6038



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