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Introduction to programming using Python: Python logo on a phone screen.

Did you know that Python was a hobby project taken simply to pass time during Christmas break? Now it's one of the most popular programming languages! Many people choose to learn Introduction to programming using Python on platforms like DataCamp and Udacity. However, edX also offers some great courses on it.

That might be because Python is often considered to be an introductory programming language that builds a great foundation for further programming knowledge.

If you’re also among those people who would like to kickstart their programming journey, then taking the introduction to programming using Python courses is the way to go.

As I've mentioned, there are quite a few reputable online learning platforms for you to learn on, and edX is definitely on the list. edX intro to Python course is among the most popular courses. That's why in this article, I’ll introduce the ways in which you can learn Python using edX.

Why Learn Python?

Before learning anything, it’s only natural to question the reasons why you should dedicate your time and your effort to learning it. Learning a programming language is usually not a piece of cake.

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That’s why, before learning, most people want to make sure that they’re making a good choice when it comes to programming languages. There are so many of them, why would you learn Python?

Well, one of the reasons why is that Python is often considered to be one of the best languages for beginners. The language is not complicated at all, meaning that it won’t take you as long to learn it as it would if you took up a more complicated language.

Python is the language that’s often taught in schools. That’s due to reasons that were mentioned earlier - it’s quite a simple language. You might even remember the very basics from your school days.

However, I know I said it was rather easy, but don’t expect that you won’t have to put any effort into learning it. While the language is not as complicated as some, if you’re new to programming, there will still be a lot to learn.

You might now argue that Python is not the only comparatively simple language. Why learn Python and not the others? Well, Python is a multi-purpose language. That means that you’ll be able to do a little bit of everything.

By learning a front-end programming language, you’ll likely be stuck with front-end programming. However, if you choose to learn Python, you won’t be stuck with one choice only.

While Python won’t likely grant you expertise in every field, you can still do quite a lot with it. Most of the fields require a bit of Python programming knowledge, so it’s a great head start.

The Best edX Introduction to Programming Using Python Course

So, if you’ve decided to learn Python, you must now be looking for ways to do it. There are quite a few ways to learn a programming language. Some are better than others.

Some people choose to learn from books. While it’s a well-tested method that’s been used for ages, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best way to learn. Learning from books is quite an outdated approach.

Modern times require adjustment from us. Let’s be real, books might as well just be the most boring approach. While getting lost in a well-written novel is something that I would never like to give up, when it comes to learning programming, I’d rather choose a different method.

Furthermore, it often lacks vital parts such as practice. Learning introduction to programming using Python should include hands-on experience. Just think about it, you’re using paper materials to learn about computers…

I don’t think that’s the best approach. Another common choice is videos online. While it might be a bit of a better choice, there are still things that are lacking when it comes to this method.

Introduction to programming using Python: a man reading a book on Python looking unhappy.

The main thing that you’ll miss when learning with online videos is a structured approach. When you’re a beginner, you don’t really know what’s important to learn about the topic. That means that you won’t likely be able to choose what’s crucial to learn.

Sure, you can google Python videos, but you’ll likely come across the very basics and won’t know what to do after to actually learn Python. There are only so many topics you can google as a beginner.

That’s why choosing an online course seems to be the best approach. Online courses are structured, so you won’t have to waste your time making the syllabus yourself. They also offer video lectures.


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However, more importantly, more often than not, you’ll also have projects to complete. That means that you’ll actually get familiarized with the way things are done instead of just learning the theory.

So, I believe taking online courses is one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with an introduction to programming using Python. However, you still have to choose the course wisely.

That’s why here I’ll present the best edX Python courses for you!

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python Course (Enroll Here)

Introduction to programming using Python: Introduction to Computer Sceince and Programming Using Python course.

  • Platform: edX
  • Offered by: MIT
  • Duration: ~9 weeks (studying time: 14-16 hours/week)
  • Price: Free
  • Certificate: Yes (paid)
  • Level: Beginner
  • Where to Apply? Here

If you’ve wanted to learn more about computer science and Python programming, this course is definitely for you. Taken by more than a million students, it is something you really don’t want to miss out on.

The course focuses on computer science as well as Python and acts as a great introduction to both of these topics. It has some great advantages that you should check out.

While so many people having taken the course might lure you in, you should still check out some of the other advantages this course has to offer. People may find different courses more suitable for themselves.

So, let's see if this course is the right course for you!


The first thing that I noticed about this course is that it is made for beginners. That means that even if you don’t know anything about programming and Python, you can still take it.

Finding beginner-friendly materials is not such an easy task. If you’re a complete beginner, you might have trouble finding the right study materials. It’s likely that you don’t know anything about how and where code is written, so you can’t really practice.

Also, it’s hard to find out which materials are worth your attention and which aren’t. To understand the best methods of learning, you’ll need to have insider’s info, or you’ll have to do quite a lot of reading online.

That all can cost you a lot of your valuable time. However, you won’t have to waste it as you can just take this great, beginner-level edX intro to Python course. You’ll be able to find a well-made course that will guide you from the very beginning.

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Finding beginner-friendly courses is a harder task than it seems to be. There are so many courses that have prerequisites and other requirements. That’s why some people may end up demotivated as there’s just so much they have to learn beforehand.

However, having the introduction presented to you from the very beginning can surely help you. So, if you’re a beginner who doesn't know where to start your journey, this is a course for you!

Now, you might be worried that simply because it’s a beginner course, it won’t teach you much, and you won’t be able to work with Python. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here are the topics covered in this introduction to programming using Python course:

  • A Notion of computation
  • The Python programming language
  • Some simple algorithms
  • Testing and debugging
  • An informal introduction to algorithmic complexity
  • Data structures

Even though the course starts from the very beginning, it gets harder further on and teaches more complicated concepts. So, you won’t be stuck at the very beginner level, unable to tackle any of the harder problems.

If this didn't convince you yet, keep in mind that Zen of Python states that "Simple is better than complex, complex is better than complicated". So, the main philosophy just states that it won't be too complicated!

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Rigorous Tempo

Another thing you’ll notice when taking this introduction to programming using Python course is that it’s not the easiest of the courses. Some courses are very slow-paced and aren’t demanding at all.

However, when taking that kind of a course, you may simply get bored. That’s because if a course isn’t demanding, you just won’t feel like you’re learning fast enough. It can become really difficult to see your progress.

That’s why I advise finding a course that will keep you motivated and keep you working hard in order to finally get a sense of achievement upon completion. That’s exactly what this course is.

It might not be the easiest course, but it surely will provide you with some fun challenges. It’s much better to have that than to keep yawning in front of your computer screen, feeling like you’re wasting your time.

Keep in mind that despite the fact that it’s an introductory course, if you’ve never learned programming or aren’t that good at math, it might take you a little longer to go through the course.

That is nothing to worry about, as you can do it all at your own pace. There’s no need to rush, and you have all the time in the world to fully grasp the concepts that are presented in the course.

Introduction to programming using Python: a happy man learning Python on edX

The course warns about a steep learning curve, but you shouldn’t feel intimidated by that. Unlike real-life classes, here, you can rewatch the courses in order to understand the materials better.

So, you won’t have to rush and get everything at the first time of listening. You can come back to the trickier parts as many times as it takes for you to understand them. So, despite it being quite rigorous, you should remember that it’s self-paced.

Free of Charge

Another great thing many people see as a perk is that the introduction to programming using Python course is free. Finding a free course is very fortunate. That means that you can try out learning about a topic without investing any money.

Finding out that a course costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars can be quite demotivating. While paying for an advanced course which you know that you’re definitely interested in is reasonable, it’s a little different when it comes to beginner courses.

Often at the very beginning, you don’t know whether the topic of the course or the course itself suit you. You might think that you’re interested in the edX Python course, but after having tried it out for a little longer, you might find out that Python isn’t something you want to learn.

Keep in mind that sometimes all you have to do is push through the very beginning and a few hardships in order to actually get interested in the materials. So, you definitely shouldn’t give up the moment it gets difficult.

However, there are sometimes cases when the subject just doesn’t suit the person despite them thinking that it would. Before learning something, we often have a bit of a different idea of it than it actually is.

You might not consider some skills or character traits that you need to be a successful programmer. So, you end up dissatisfied and unable to understand the course materials or simply find no fun in working with Python.

That’s when you could consider dropping the course. With this course being free, you won’t have wasted any money.

Keep in mind that despite the course being free, you can still get a paid certificate. Having a certificate to prove your achievements brings a lot of benefits. The first, and most important to many, is the fact that it’s easier to get employed in the field.

Many people may claim that they know a little bit of Python and programming, but it might be the case that they simply took an introductory class in high school 10 years ago. Their skills will definitely differ from yours.

That’s why employers are skeptical about employees who claim they have knowledge in the field but have no way to prove it. If you really want to stand out, you’d better have proof of your achievement.

A good way to get proof is paying for a certificate in this introduction to programming using Python course.

Introduction to programming using Python: a woman getting a certificate.

Even if you’re not seeking employment in the field of Python programming, it can still come in handy. The job market is rather competitive these days. That means that only the most versatile and skilled people will get hired.

Simply knowing things that are the very basics of the job is often not enough. If two candidates have the same level of skills needed, particularly for doing the job they want to be hired for, it’s most often the case that the one who has some additional skills will get the job.

Even if you’re looking for a job in a field that seems unrelated to edX introduction to programming using Python course, you might be surprised that you could still be asked to employ your knowledge in some cases. Programming is a really versatile subject.

Even if you don’t get to use your knowledge, you’ll be seen as a person who’s willing to learn new things and cares about self-improvement. It is a quality that is seen by many employers as one of the most attractive traits of an employee.

So, if you’re a person who can adapt easily, is motivated to learn and explore, and isn't scared of challenges, you can prove it by getting a certificate from this edX introduction to programming using Python course.

One more thing that’s worth mentioning on this topic is that a certificate gives you a sense of achievement. You might not realize the importance of it. Having an end-goal can really help you keep your motivation levels.

Your knowledge improving is sometimes hard to grasp, but getting physical proof of completion can really help you understand that you did it! So, consider rewarding yourself with a piece of paper that can really change your life for the better.

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Short Duration

One more thing that’s worth mentioning in this edX introduction to programming using Python course review is that the course is rather short. It only takes 9 weeks to complete.  Some may see it as a perk, while others might perceive it as a drawback.

However, I believe that a course being rather short can be a really good thing. The first reason for that is that it is easier this way. Coming across a massive course that takes 9 months to complete can be really daunting.

You might not even be the same person you were after these 9 months and might have different ideas about your future. While it can provide a few benefits, such as introducing the topic way more in-depth, it definitely isn’t for everyone.

That’s why I advise you to take a shorter course, especially if you're a beginner. It will be much easier for you to stick to it.

Also, you’ll get to complete a full introduction to programming using Python course in a relatively short time and will be able to choose if you want to advance even more.

It’s easier to stay motivated when taking shorter courses, and it’s way more rewarding. While you may not be able to analyze every topic in-depth, you will definitely be provided with a lot of Python subtopics that will help you on your path later on.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start the course NOW!

Alternative Course - Introduction to Python Programming (Enroll Here)

Introduction to programming using python: Intrduction to Python Programming course.

  • Platform: edX
  • Offered by: Georgia Tech
  • Duration: 5 months (studying time: 9-10 hours/week)
  • Price: $491
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Level: Beginner
  • Where to Apply? Here

If you believe that the previous introduction to programming using Python course doesn’t suit you, there’s an alternative! The course is called edX Introduction to Python programming, or often just edX intro to Python.

Some may believe that this course is more suitable for them and there are good reasons for that. The first thing that caught my eye when comparing these two courses is that this one is much longer.

That means that you’ll get way more information presented in a course. If you really are serious about learning Python, the brief introduction for a few weeks might not be sufficient. Taking a longer course, you’ll be able to learn much more.

Also, while the previous course had a rather steep learning curve, this course is more expanded and won’t require this much effort all at once. You’ll be able to learn comfortably at your own pace and won’t need to adjust to drastic changes.

This study program is made up of 4 different courses to make sure you get a well-rounded education in edX intro to Python courses. It takes 5 months to complete. In those 5 months, you’ll be able to tackle just about anything Python-related.

The course is way more advanced than the previous introduction to programming using Python course, and it’s more suitable for those who are more serious about learning Python. If you’d like to learn just the basics, stick to the aforementioned course.

However, if you’re looking for a more extensive course, this edX intro to Python course is definitely for you!

You're also welcome to check out other platforms which will definitely cater to your Python needs. Try out Udacity or DataCamp!

Start the course NOW!


Python is a very in-demand programming language. It’s been popular for decades now, and there are many people who choose to learn it, whether that's on edX, DataCamp, or Udacity. It’s often considered to be a very beginner-friendly language.

If you’re looking to learn it, one of the ways to do it is by taking edX introduction to programming using Python course. The course is praised by many, and it’s one of the most popular beginner courses to take.

It’s also a free course, which is extremely fortunate to come across. However, you should keep in mind that the course only takes 9 weeks to complete. That means that it’s not exactly the most extensive course.

If you’re looking for a course that covers more topics and covers them more in-depth, you’re better off sticking to the edX Intro to Python course. The course takes much longer to complete. It’s estimated that it takes around 5 months.

So, it’s now time for you to choose whether you want a brief introductory and rather fast-paced edX introduction to programming using Python course, or you’d rather stick to the longer, more in-depth course that’s edX intro to Python.

If you have decided, then it’s time to head to edX and start learning! If you’re not yet sure, you still are welcome to check out other courses and find the one you’d like to learn from. For example, take a look at our guide to the best Python courses on DataCamp.

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Is edX introduction to programming using Python course free?

Yes, this edX Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python course is free. Generally, edX courses are paid but you may come across some free courses. Even when taking a free course you have the option to purchase a certificate. You should definitely consider the benefits having a certificate could bring. 

Are edX courses worth it?

Yes, edX courses are all very high-quality. edX is among the top course providers along with Udacity and DataCamp.

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