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Top 6 Cyber Security Courses: Best Cyber Security Training Online

Cyber security is a growing issue in the field of growing businesses, public institutions, and individuals. Tightening up security measures is essential to every office and home. Network connections and technologies run the world we know and cyber security courses and training is getting more relevant than ever.

The widespread of information technology infrastructure across the world has created many business and employment opportunities. Although, with every great opportunity there comes a risk. Potential vulnerabilities in the network and systems can cost a fortune for those who are not willing to protect their data. Permissions, accesses, updates, and proper software are crucial. The fact is that there are so many different areas where IT security can be compromised, and the more complicated technologies are being used, the more complicated issues can appear.

Although the proper software and security measures are crucial, they cannot replace the mastermind behind them - a cyber security expert. However, becoming an expert in cyber security requires a combination of different qualifications and experience, which leads to the need for cyber security training. There is a large number of courses that are paid, free, with certification and without. Some are only introductory, explaining the basics and terms. Others - in-depth courses that provide certain qualifications.

Why Should You Take Cyber Security Courses?

starting cybersecurity courses

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It is safe to say that almost every individual can easily become a part of cybercrime. In 2018, we reached a number of 4 billion people who are using digital devices regularly. It is probably impossible to shy away from technology since everything is synced now - medical, school, tax and all other kinds of records are now digitalized.

Eventually, cyber security consciousness will become more of a basic requirement for a modern-day person. Here are some reasons why you stay up-do-date with cyber security knowledge:

  • To protect your and families’ sensitive information. It is easy to be ignorant and thinks that cybercriminals will not target you. This could be a crucial mistake to make. Cybercriminals constantly look for people who do not protect their digital surroundings. Educating yourself and relatives with cyber security courses is one of the most vital efforts that can mitigate the majority of threats that seek in the network.
  • To protect your business. A greater number of hackers and thieves on the internet aim to achieve a financial advantage. Large or small, every business company is at risk of falling behind when it comes to cyber security. According to Security Magazine, around 32% of business companies are experiencing more cyber security attacks than before. DDoS attacks, phishing schemes, viruses, and other threats can cause huge monetary losses.
  • To pursue a career. Experts predict, that by the year 2023, there will be around 3.5 million cyber security job openings. It is great news for everyone passionate about cyber security. Cyber security is a complex field that offers possibilities to people with or without technical backgrounds. Not only that, but it also offers a meaningful job that helps to serve a good purpose and help people all around the world.

Top Cyber Security Training Online

Cyber security courses are a great way to increase knowledge from zero to a hundred. Online learning platforms are the modern way of learning and have many benefits. While we are currently living in the age of engagement crisis, online learning platforms suggest a versatile solution for every student out there. It adapts to needs, keeps in engaging, entertaining, and most importantly, useful. Moreover, these courses are usually more affordable than official education. And even if you find a pricey course, you can still try to apply for a scholarship to fund all of the cost (and also get a financial reward). So, what are the main helpful cyber security courses that will provide top-notch information?

How to Prevent DDoS Attacks: A Course for Beginners!

Presented by Digest Academy, the course provides information on how to develop a practical skillset to mitigate online threats. Learning about the techniques and methods that cybercriminals use will be one of the main goals of the training.

The Cyber Security Training by Digest Academy caters with all the needed information about protecting your websites from the dangers of DDoS attacks. The course offers practical cyber security skills like defense strategies against cyberattacks and threats. To get armed with digital security knowledge in this course you will only need some basic computer skills along with understanding how to use the internet, networks, and network protocols.

Start an Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Career in 2023

cybersecurity courses coding

The mastermind behind the course of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Career is Jerry Banfield. An expert in cyber security, Mr. Banfield is also a teacher, video producer, entrepreneur alongside many other activities. The training by Jerry Banfield stands out among other cyber security courses because of the capacity of the information. The course offers more than 27 hours of learning material. To those who do not know, ethical hacking is the same old hacking just done for good purposes. It helps people and organizations to secure their networks, websites, systems, and find vulnerabilities.

The course is split into three sections that are for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. The author offers an opportunity to learn how to code your own advanced and not so basic kind of tools for cyber security. The footage of the learning material covers both, Python and C, programming languages and explains how do they work in terms of cyber security. Additionally, you will find basic information that is needed to understand these programming languages. The author asks for your will to learn and some basic internet surfing skills.

WordPress Security: A Complete Guide to Secure WordPress

Not all cyber security courses are about hacking and viruses. The WordPress Security course is presented by a Jitendra Kumar Singh who is a security ninja with about 5 years of experience in security auditing and testing. Companies like Google, Medium, Facebook, etc. received reports about bugs from the instructor. A part of cybers ecurity is also protecting your content and that is why it is important to learn about WordPress security measures. If you want to improve WordPress, you will need to utilize specific tools to do so.

The course provides footage about the most effective and time-tested ways how to secure a website. Jitendra Kumar Singh believes that he found the key to success for WordPress security and has put everything into the course. According to him, most of the pieces of training found online are filled with loose ideas from people that have never dealt with WP hardening. The course is easy-to-follow, simple with a great structure, and only requires simple knowledge of how to navigate the internet and install the programs.

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Python Hacking for Cyber Security from Basic Scripts to Coding Custom Tools

studying cybersecurity courses in nature

Among our cyber security courses, there is another course that has been created by Jerry Banfield, the one who presented an Ethical Hacking training. Python Hacking is a course that mainly revolves around the programming language, port, and vulnerability scanning. The author gives a thorough introduction to the learning material, explains SSH & FTP attacks, and clarifies all the needs about password cracking.

Overall, the instructor provides 89 lessons and more than 17 hours of learning material. The longest section will be learning about the multi-functioning reverse shell, as well as website penetration testing with Python. From his students, Mr. Banfield expects a willingness to learn and knowledge about how to use the internet.

Cyber Security Training: From Zero to Hero

Training From Zero to Hero is presented by a Gautam Kumawat that is an expert in the field of cyber security. Gautam has a lot of experience serving in prestigious government institutions both in India and the US. He has worked in such places as the State Police academy, Indian Army, Central Bureau of Investigation, NYPD, and many more. With more than 7 years of experience in fighting cybercriminals, the instructor provides information about training officials and how to solve cybercrimes.

Just like in other cyber security courses at BitDegree, the course provides tonnes of information and valuable experience. Cyber security Training is well-suited for beginners and does not require any programming knowledge. In the course, you will find material about ethical hacking, penetration testing, OSINT, steganography, keyloggers, etc. To learn how to perform computer forensics, crack a password and so much more you only need basic internet surfing skills and motivation to learn.

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Networking Basics: The Complete Guide

Glasses in front of computer with codes

The last but not least course on Networking comes from our instructor Abhishek Sagar. This networking course provides learning the material on ensuring building and protecting networks, decoding network packets and learning more about Linux System.

Just a note: in order to take the most of this course, it is recommended that you know or learn C programming language first. This will allow you to understand the code you are writing together with the instructor.


All suggested courses are easily attainable on BitDegree platform and suggest fun and interactive way of learning with the help of gamification. Cybercrime is a growing problem and it becomes almost impossible to shy away from cyber security threats. If you are interested more about cyber security hop over to our tutorials our courses section learn how to fight off hackers.

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Having completed a Master’s degree in Economics, Politics, and Cultures of the East Asia region, Aaron has written scientific papers analyzing the differences between Western and Collective forms of capitalism in the post-World War II era.
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Why should you take cyber security courses?

People usually take cyber security courses for three main reasons. Firstly, they want to protect their families' sensitive information, which is becoming more and more vulnerable in these times. Secondly, people want to protect their businesses in order not to lose money during a cyber attack. Finally, many people want to pursue a career in cyber security as there are many job openings in this field.

How to learn cyber security?

The best way to learn cyber security is to enroll in one of the courses that BitDegree offers. If you're a beginner, a semi-pro, or even a professional when it comes to cyber security, you can still deepen your knowledge by taking one of the comprehensive video courses on our platform.

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