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Stand out from the crowd and start your career as a Customer Success Agent at Hostinger, a leading web hosting provider with over 29M users globally.

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A Job That Opens Infinite Doors

Becoming a Customer Success Agent is the best way to kickstart your career in the tech industry. This job lets you polish communication skills and grants you an in-depth knowledge about the online industry as a whole and web hosting in particular. You’ll be a part of Hostinger’s culture and learn everything there is to know about its products. Prove your worth, get promoted and specialize in Quality Assurance, Digital Marketing, Web Development or other fields.

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in the Customer Success course

If you are based in Kaunas, Lithuania and are at least 18 years old, use this great opportunity to get hired at Hostinger. Nothing’s stopping you from enrolling - stand out from the crowd and prove you have the communication skills needed for the job.



at the Course

You will learn the key skills of effective communication in a course that’s only 1 hour long. These skills are essential not only when you’re dealing with customers and earning their trust, but for life in general.


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by Hostinger

You’ve completed the course quiz with a score of 70% or above? Congrats! You are on the recruitment fast-track. Time to relax - the Hostinger team is verifying the results and will contact you directly about available opportunities.

We believe that efforts and time spent learning should be rewarded, so does Hostinger

Therefore, Hostinger is awarding the first 50 BitDegree students. If you meet all the requirements, complete this course with a 70% or above passing grade, you can get a 10 EUR cash scholarship.

Our team Members love their job

"Guiding, accompanying, providing solutions to someone who is lost, looking for the best answer to a website or a project problem – a work that makes us stand out from those around us at a competitive level."

Adriana Pino Customer Success team

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You learn and can:

Get a job at Hostinger

Hostinger is the dream place to start a career in tech: a fast-paced and ambitious global player with an amazing culture.

Get a valuable skill

Effective communication is a skill everyone needs, but very few have. This is your chance to become one of the few.

Earn cash by learning

When was the last time you were paid to learn a skill? It’s only fair to reward you for great achievements, don’t you think?


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