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Students’ First Impressions

Some students have already taken advantage of BitDegree Learning Paths! Check out their impressions, and get to the front line of those who experience the benefits personally!

Marek Polkowski,

independent junior Android developer

I’m only 18, but I’ve already started as a dev building Android apps while in high school. I don’t wanna spend at least 3 years studying in college, I just need a bit of a structure what I actually need to know that companies are looking for when they hire, those sort of things. I can afford a few months of studying. My parents won’t kick me out for another couple of years or so :))

Marek Polkowski

Abdullah Shadid,

software engineer

I’m kind of addicted to learn. I shifted from high school IT teacher to software engineer, but a few years later, I really got interested in the whole thing with Big Data and how to use it for business purposes. There’s a great introduction on how to become a data scientist here. It allowed me to quickly find suitable and trusted courses. I appreciate all this research work done on my behalf.

Abdullah Shadid

Anne Lindqvist,

Economics student

I’m about to finish my studies of Economics, but I’m so hungry for more. Big data excites me so much that I feel like devouring all those courses in one go! OK, OK, I’ll probably need more time than that. Actually, I found it encouraging that I should be able to apply for junior positions as a data scientist in around 18 months or so. I’ll see how it all goes and then come back with my feedback at that time!

Anne Lindqvist

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