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Android has a huge and ever-growing market with big demand for quality professionals. It’s easy to build yet another Android app with 7 minutes workout or boring 2D and 3D games, but when it comes to innovations, quality tools that change people’s lives, such developers are still scarce. Why? Because one has to penetrate the surface, and get solid skills with Java, Gradle, Maven and many other tools you’ll find listed in our roadmap. So it takes a while (depending on developer’s motivation and starting experience) to have enough practice and geeking until you’re past the junior Android Developer level.

We’ve witnessed the mobile revolution, and we’re about to experience the influx of robots in consumer market where people need apps to control them. Build those apps for them. And have fun! We give you a clear roadmap of what you need to learn, so you won’t waste your time filtering the abundant online courses. Instead, start learning right now.

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They hire a lot of Android Developers:

Android Developer salary figures in global markets

Average yearly pay


  • USA $105,000
  • Australia $97,000
  • Canada $95,000
  • Japan $95,000
  • Switzerland $80 000
  • Norway $71,000
  • Denmark $68,000
  • Germany $65,000
  • UK $63,000
  • Israel $52,000

This graph shows the average Android Developers’ annual salaries in different markets. You can double or triple the national averages building Android apps if you’re patient and hard-working enough! Although we’ve combined the data provided by Glassdoor, Indeed, Ziprecruiter and other trusted sources, these figures may vary significantly depending on changing trends and your experience.

Get the skills.

The demand is growing every day!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts the demand for software (including Android) developers will be rising by a whopping 17 percent within the next 5 years! Smart-phones, smart-homes, self-driving cars – you name it. They all use apps in one way or another. Learn to use the tools that you’ll need for building Android apps and get your dream job!

Your Learning Path

Tim Buchalka 91 lectures
Kotlin for Java Developers

Understand the Kotlin and Java interoperability, the differences between the two, and start building apps with Kotlin.

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Nick Walter 67 lectures
The Complete Java Developer Course

Learn Kotlin from the very basics to create 2 fully functional Android apps, and practice programming for Javascript with Kotlin to create an amazing UI.

See Learning Paths
Mammoth Interactive 41 lectures
Learn to Code in Kotlin

Build a to-do list app as a starting project with Kotlin, creating an exciting UI, custom adapters, and practice other skills necessary for a junior Android developer.

See Learning Paths
GoogleDevelopers Article
Guide to app architecture

Check this guide when you’re above the beginner level at building apps and need to find out what practices and architecture to use for building reliable and bug-free apps.

See Learning Paths 19 lectures
DevOps - Application Lifecycle Management

Learn the basics that you need to know from the concept of application lifecycle management to the importance of continuous delivery, improving software and project management.

See Learning Paths
GoogleDevelopers Article

Learn the fundamentals of structuring elements in your app, getting clear definitions of view and view group object hierarchy.

See Learning Paths
Packt Publishing 29 lectures
Hands-on Background Services in Android

Learn how to use Android background services and implement them into apps effectively, as well as dealing with common issues.

See Learning Paths
Stanley Idesis 6 lectures
Learn the MVC Pattern

Learn the Model-View-Controller architecture to organize the code that’s easy to read and modify for your colleagues (and yourself).

See Learning Paths
Julio Sampaio Article
Creating an MVC Framework for Android

See examples of best practice of building an MVC framework for Android so that you can reduce development time and get more practical benefits.

See Learning Paths
Karthik Tata 14 lectures
Singleton in Spring Framework

This course explains the Singleton design pattern and Singleton Beans in Spring framework in an easy way.

See Learning Paths
Lorenzo Brown 12 lectures
Designing RESTful APIs

Build a practical app “Meet n’ Eat” while learning to write a secure API which is friendly to developers and ensuring a happy experience for end users.

See Learning Paths
Anand Mahajan 213 lectures
Learn complete Java - Core & JSP & Servlets

Join a detailed course to learn writing code with Java confidently for developing desktop applications and moving to Android comfortably.

See Learning Paths
Mahmoud Ramadan 93 lectures
RxJava Masterclass with MVVM for Android Development

Learn using RxJava in your code when you haven’t faced it before for building Android apps.

See Learning Paths
Anushka Madusanka 96 lectures
The Complete RxJava 2 For Android Development Masterclass

Learn the crucial skill for a high-level Android developer which you’ll be able to apply with other programming languages as well.

See Learning Paths
Tran B. V. Son 26 lectures
Advanced Android: Create a Real-REST API Client Application

Learn what you need to know as an Android Developer about loading images from server, converting JSON to Java objects, and other tools to enable you to build a real application.

See Learning Paths
Gayrat Rakhimov 26 lectures
Networking on Android using Retrofit 2

Learn how you can set up a Retrofit 2 library to use in application building projects or integrate Retrofit in existing projects.

See Learning Paths
Rene Gens 49 lectures
Architect Android apps with MVP, Dagger, Retrofit & RxJava

Learn to make code simple and clean with MVP pattern, and add knowledge about a variety of frameworks which will assist you throughout the entire app development.

See Learning Paths
GoogleDevelopers Article
Manage your app's memory

Learn the principles of how Android OS manages memory and how you can proactively reduce how much memory your app uses.

See Learning Paths
Duke University 15 lectures
Interacting with the System and Managing Memory

Learn how to train Android OS to dynamically allocate memory and powerful programming techniques to interact with the user.

See Learning Paths
Carlos Valentin 16 lectures
Beast Android Development: Parsing JSON Data

Get your hands on using third-party libraries at parsing JSON data into your Android application.

See Learning Paths
Sylvain Saurel Article
Parse and write JSON data in Java with Gson

Get practical skills converting Java objects into JSON, the most popular format for data exchange on the Internet, and vice versa.

See Learning Paths
Jeremy Silver & Mark Vieira 14 lectures
Gradle for Android and Java

Learn to customize Android app building process, check the magic happening when you run the app, and prepare it for entering Google’s Play Store.

See Learning Paths
Jimmy H. 24 lectures
Gradle Fundamentals

Get the understanding of fundamentals of Gradle and its functionality in your projects.

See Learning Paths
Vineela Madarapu 27 lectures
Selenium Webdriver Automation with TestNG| Maven

Part of this course is devoted to presenting Maven commands and prompts, creating a Maven project so that you build an understanding of pom.xml: Dependencies.

See Learning Paths
John Thompson 180 lectures
Apache Maven: Beginner to Guru

Master the ‘go-to’ tool for building Apache Maven projects from scratch and testing, packaging, deploying Java applications in a 15 hour-long course.

See Learning Paths
Ranga Karanam 38 lectures
Unit Testing with Junit & Mockito

Understand the basics of unit testing and mocking frameworks using JUnit and Mocking.

See Learning Paths
Bharath Thippireddy 76 lectures
Junit and Mockito Crash Course

Learn the fundamentals and importance of unit testing and writing good unit tests.

See Learning Paths
GoogleDevelopers Article
Debug Your layout with Layout Inspector

A quick guide with clear, realistic examples of how to debug your layout using appropriate tools.

See Learning Paths
Md Al Mamun 25 lectures
Android App continuous integration with CircleCI

Learn step-by-step how to support continuous integration in Android applications using CircleCI.

See Learning Paths
Luke Angel 26 lectures
Docker and Continuous Integration: Code, Build, Test, Deploy

A practical course where you’ll learn how to integrate an app processed with Docker into an automated workflow.

See Learning Paths
Code With YDC 124 lectures
Android App Development Course

Put your skills on trial and build 5 Android apps with real-world application opportunities.

See Learning Paths
Mark Price 13 lectures
Comprehensive Step by Step Guide on How to Make an Android App

Spend 24 hours with a mastermind Android Developer learning all that it takes to build Android apps, and practice, so that you’ve got your portfolio ready before your first job interview.

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You will learn from these experts

Mark Price

Mark is obsessed with creating in-depth, very detailed online tutorials on many topics related to development. He’s a CEO of Devslopes, and a valuable resource in your career path.

John Bura

John is both, a PROgrammer, and a PRO teacher being in this field for 20 years and owning Mammoth Interactive. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of students and tons of successful projects here.

Jerry Banfield

A multi-talented professional, Jerry shares an extensive amount of knowledge and experience, what helps people stay happy and productive in business!

Alex Genadinik

Alex is highly experienced in delivering theory and practical tasks in over a hundred courses that he’s developed. An expert in software engineering, SEO, social marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Luke Angel

Luke is focusing on building next-generation applications, sharing all he’s learned along the way. You should get greatly inspired by his technical savvy and soft skills when you see him delivering lectures.


We thought you’d crucify our Android Developer roadmap if we didn’t include the technical and practical wisdom from the very base camp of Android. So we did! A massive resource for learning.

Duke University Teachers

Andrew D. Hilton, Genevieve M. Lipp, and Anne Bracy are committed to applying knowledge in service to society. You can grab the chance and devour their university-level content!

And many more!

We’ve selected only the experts with proven expertise that is worth your trust.

If you’ve taken at least one course in each of the distinguished categories, while reading these lines, you should already feel way more confident than before. Have you got a new job? Your salary raised? Not yet? Then these benefits should be on their way, because you’ve upgraded a lot.

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Android Developer is a software developer specializing in creating applications for Android devices, mainly smartphones and tablets. Usually, it’s an entry-level position in the software development market. Android developers can be a part of an in-house team or work through agencies, or freelance. Once you outgrow Android Developer’s jersey, you can expect to become a senior Android Developer and take more responsibilities leading and mentoring teams. The Bureau of Labour Statistics forecasts that in the next 5 years, the demand for Android developers will only be rising.

An Android Developer has to have a variety of intellectual and technical skills:

  • First and most obvious, he’ll be building advanced apps for Android platform – this requires attention to detail and persistence at work.
  • Like any other developer, you’ll be fixing bugs, testing, and troubleshooting issues in applications. This requires technical knowledge and experience, as well as quick reaction.
  • Collaboration with product development, user experience, and other departments will be a daily task, so you’ll need to be able to work in a team.
  • You’ll be a part of teams that try to keep pace with the latest trends, so qualities like critical thinking, innovativeness, and adapting to changes are most welcome.

Collecting the number of skills necessary to become a competent Android Developer takes time and effort. It’d be a good idea to have a taste of it with an online course and develop an Android app from scratch just to get a taste of the whole thing. If you feel like doing it, continue with getting deeper into the subject. Learn Kotlin, Java, C/C++, SQL, master the Android Studio, and get solid preparation in as many other topics covered in our roadmap as you can. Have your portfolio ready. If you can afford to spend some time for intern work, you’ll get the valuable experience you need in a real setting.

It surely depends on your starting position. Assuming that you’ve got at least a basic understanding of Android and software building in general, the positive scenario is that in 6 to 12 months you can become a confident Android developer, given that you’ll work with focus and determination at least 5 hours daily. Yes, there are 5 hour-long online courses where you’ll develop an Android app, but taking Android Developer as a profession requires more months to study and practice.

Again, it will depend on the market that you're going to develop products for. In the US, the estimated average salary for an entry-level Android Developer revolves around $60,000 per year, rising to around $90k when upgraded to Senior Android Developer. In European countries, these figures fluctuate more, averaging at about $69,000.

Android development is a specific niche, and there’s a limited number of companies that can offer a full-time job. These can be large organizations that have their own Android app and want to control and maintain it in-house. You’ll likely see openings in mobile game studios and start-ups looking to launch their new project. Most companies will probably expect someone like you to be available for anything related to computers, like website maintenance. So it’s a good idea to add more skills to your toolbelt and be able to do those things.
You’ll also have to try out applying for the positions offered on job boards or tidy up your LinkedIn profile, so it best reflects your abilities and experience.