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Chris Jameson

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Chris Jameson is a man joining his passion with his work, and he loves new technology. You can count on his 20+ years’ experience in the IT field and being a gadget geek for even longer. He’s worked everywhere from government agencies to private organizations.

Chris Jameson has started his cryptocurrency trading career back in early 2017, going through both the peak heights of the crypto market and also the bear market period. He’s personally lived day and night trading crypto, looking for the best tools to automate the processes as much as possible, earning profit at the same time, of course. Being a technology geek, he’s been able to learn things on his own by following the best advisers online and then distilling the best investing techniques of his own from the strategies they’d been suggesting.

619 Trading is the name Chris Jameson uses to promote the strategy that he’s developed. On BitDegree, you can learn how to trade Bitcoin using the strategies that are working. Chris Jameson pays a great deal of attention to performing technical analysis, following risk management rules to his arsenal and sharing all his insights with you.

If you’re up for learning the strategies to sustain profits in trading cryptocurrency, then Chris Jameson is your go-to guy to learn from!