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Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz

UX UI Designer 10+ Years of Experience

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Ahsan Butt has gone through the challenges of learning web design the hard way, going from scratch ending up working for Fortune 500 companies and creating designs for companies like Intel, Coca Cola, Panasonic and others. If you happen to enter his private office, you’ll find a gold medal hanging proudly from the times when he won Panasonic’s poster design competition, and then a stack of diplomas for creating awesome landing page designs in contests on 99designs.

What will make you identify even more with Ahsan Butt is that he’s not just a trainer who’s confidently giving away tips and tricks of his craft. He’s also a freelancer himself, having his international client base. He’s still actively into it knowing the pain points that you struggle with most. One of them, as for any freelancer out there, is lack of time. That’s why Ahsan makes learning the easiest it can get, so you have less pain absorbing the valuable information.

Join Ahsan Butt’s course on BitDegree to learn the workflow of the modern web design. In no time, you’ll be able to use wireframes, style guides, and much more to help you in your quest of creating outstanding web designs!

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