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Sell Courses Online with BitDegree: How Can We Help

When you’re choosing the right platform to sell online courses, it’s worth considering marketing as well. Of course, there are multiple things you can do on social media or your own website to sell courses online quicker and to a higher number of people, but wouldn’t it be nice if the platform could offer some tools that make marketing easier or do some promotions on its own behalf?

Of course, it would. That’s why BitDegree does that as well.

Using promo codes the right way

One of the tools that can help you sell courses online faster (and earn more!) is promo codes. On BitDegree, you can create one in minutes: just select the course you wish to create a code for in the Instructor Area, then click on Promo Codes and choose the option to create a new code. You can also choose any name you prefer, as long as it follows a few requirements:

  • The code can include 6–20 characters
  • You can use letters (A–Z), digits (0–9), periods, dashes, and underscores
  • All the letters must be CAPITAL

You will also need to choose one out of four promo code types – free, lowered price, discount from price, or percentage from price. If you choose to define the discount in an exact sum and not a percentage, remember that it should always be specified in USD. If you wish, you will be able to set a deadline and a number of times the code can be used.

The flexibility you have when creating promo codes on BitDegree provides you with a variety of marketing options:

  • By limiting the number of uses or defining a deadline, you will create a feeling of scarcity, which is a powerful motivator. Users are afraid of missing out on a good offer and therefore feel more inclined to make the purchase!
  • You can create a code for free access with a limited number of uses and offer them to potential reviewers. Not only will the positive comments help you sell courses online, but the users of the platform will notice the growing number of enrolls.
  • If you use social media for marketing, you can offer unique, single-use codes for free access or a significant discount on the usual price as prizes in contests.
  • By using different promo codes in different marketing channels, you can easily identify the ones that attract the most students.  

Share your promo codes on your blogs, websites, social media profiles, business cards… However, remember not to put it anywhere on the platform, including discussions, course materials, and landing pages. It’s a place for education – not promotion.

Promotions by BitDegree

Promo codes are a great tool BitDegree provides – however, the way you use it to sell courses online still mostly depends on you. Is there a chance to get promoted by BitDegree without putting in any extra effort, though? Actually, there a few:

  • BitDegree is very active on social media – you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Medium. Even when we don’t mention specific courses in our posts, we still attract more users to our platform and improve the chances of them noticing your courses in the marketplace!
  • We take great care not to spam our users and instructors, but we do provide them with relevant information and all the necessary updates using to-the-point newsletters. Personalized course suggestions, limited-time offers, tips, tricks, and advice – anything to make it worth their while… and sell online training courses!
  • To get more users interested and spread the message of education even wider, the team of BitDegree sometimes writes IT and e-learning related articles for various high-authority websites. In them, we sometimes refer readers to the landing pages of courses that are closely related to the particular topic.

However, you should always remember that using your own promo codes to sell courses online pays better – you get a higher percentage of the price the learner pays. 99% of it, to be exact: is there any other platform to sell online courses in such a lucrative way?

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