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BitDegree Course Guidelines

Have you decided you want to teach classes online? Great! Now, let’s see what creating a course actually means. Becoming an online teacher can be challenging when you don’t know how to approach it, but worry no more – this guide will take you through all the essential steps.

Teaching Online With BitDegree

Nowadays, education is a very diverse area. It’s not limited to schools and universities anymore: you can gain extra knowledge or share your own at a ton of various evening courses, bootcamps, and classes. Online teaching platforms are probably among the most popular choices: with the ever-increasing speed of our everyday lives, the chance to learn anywhere, anytime, is more critical than ever.

How Much Do Online Teachers Make on BitDegree

Whenever you’re thinking of stepping into a new career, be it a full-time job or a side hustle, there’s a ton of aspects you need to consider – and payment is certainly not the last one on the list. You’re dedicating your time and effort, sharing your valuable expertise, and that’s especially true for creating and selling online courses. Not only do you need to plan, create, and edit your material, but you also have to do your research on presentation, pricing, and even marketing strategies. Naturally, all of that work should be compensated accordingly!

How to Make an Online Course - Design and Structure

When creating training modules or other online courses, it’s crucial you understand how to plan and structure it. This is usually the most challenging for those who have extensive practical knowledge on the topic but have no previous experience in teaching.

If you have, for example, been using a particular software for multiple years professionally, your expertise might be priceless – however, you will probably find it challenging to look at it from a beginner’s perspective. Because of this, you might not identify the required first steps correctly, and therefore start the whole teaching journey on the wrong foot.

How to Create an Online Course

Everything seems complicated and challenging before you actually try it yourself, and online course creation is no different. You’re not wrong to worry per se – depending on the type of course you decide to make, there can be a lot of factors to consider and take care of. However, once you do, you’ll see that understanding how to create an online course is not actually that complex. You won’t need to master any special course development software or anything like that: most of the tools you’ll use are already at your disposal. Plus, you only need to learn it once – just like riding a bike.

Specific BitDegree Platform Features For Instructors

There are a ton of online course platforms out there. How do you choose the best one for you? The basic functionalities do not differ that much: you can upload your course materials and offer them to students on any platform. The secret lies in the unique features that make the instructor’s job easier and more enjoyable. As you learn more about how to create training materials on BitDegree, you will notice two handy features – secret courses and quizzes. They are especially beneficial for those who use BitDegree to replace or improve traditional teaching.

How to Get Students Attention: Course Landing Page Details

If you are an expert in marketing, SEO, creative writing, or a similar field, you’re probably not very intimidated by building courses online and presenting them to the public. Yes, it requires writing some texts, but that comes naturally to you! However, if you are a star coder, the things you write on a daily basis couldn’t be further from this. The same goes for designers, finance geniuses, and a lot of other professionals.

How to Sell an Online Course Yourself

Now that you have your course really, polished, and uploaded – it’s time to learn how to sell an online course and maximize your profits. If you’re not a marketing specialist, this task might seem a bit daunting: not only do you need to choose the best channels, but you also have to use them the right way.


Sell Courses Online with BitDegree: How Can We Help

When you’re choosing the right platform to sell online courses, it’s worth considering marketing as well. Of course, there are multiple things you can do on social media or your own website to sell courses online quicker and to a higher number of people, but wouldn’t it be nice if the platform could offer some tools that make marketing easier or do some promotions on its own behalf?

Building Relationships with Students: Community Features on BitDegree

To be a good teacher, you also need to be an excellent communicator and listener. Why’s that? Well, for starters, nothing helps you create truly useful content like getting to know your students, their interests and needs. This is especially important if creating an online course is not a one-time thing for you, and you want to build a solid reputation as a reliable and well-qualified e-teaching professional.

BitDegree Instructor Analytics: Track Your Students Easily

We highly doubt that all you care about is uploading your course to the platform and forgetting all about it. Any real e-teaching professional will want to see how their students are doing, track their progress, and monitor their earnings. However, this is one of the trickier parts of teaching online: your chances to keep an eye on your online course statistics entirely depend on the platform you choose for publishing your courses.

Course Quality Standard

Having extraordinary material is not always enough – you also need to present it right. You can prepare the most interesting content and include the most useful examples, but if the video is grainy and the students can barely hear the audio, it's highly unlikely they will complete the course. The experience of learning is just as important as the actual knowledge you're sharing.

To make sure BitDegree learners only have the most engaging, effective, and satisfactory learning experience, we came up with a quality standard all the courses uploaded to the platform should meet. Use this checklist to make sure your course meets our requirements.

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