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in the Data Entry course

If you’re based in Kaunas, Lithuania, use this opportunity to get a job at Festo. No more long application processes – enroll in the course, and you’re already half-way through.



your skills on the course

Complete the course assessment and prove you can type fast and have logical thinking – these are the key competencies to succeed in this position.

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by Festo in Kaunas

If you have achieved at least 20 words per minute (wpm) typing speed and 60% score in the quiz, you’re already ahead of the game – relax and wait for a call from Festo team to speak about available opportunities.

All business operations start with Data Entry

Data Entry job is often perceived as technical and repetitive, but it is in no way boring or overly simple. To be honest, it can be pretty challenging. With 25 languages supported by Festo Lithuania, one gets a chance to learn the basics of a group of foreign languages. Specialists have to make logical inferences every single day to ensure data accuracy and that all the special cases are treated with caution, as this is where planning, manufacturing, and shipping operations start.

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Meet fellow data entry specialists working at Festo

When I first came to DPC, I had very little experience with data entry but supportive Team Leader, Quality Assurance team and colleagues helped me to grow and learn the craft of this position. I can honestly say that this is not an easy job and I need to be concentrated, accurate, fast and have good attention to detail in order to succeed. Also, I can always count on my team that helps and supports me whenever I need an advice. The thing I love the most about this position is that it is open for everyone, no matter their background, hobbies or even personalities – both introverts and extraverts can find their place here, as I did.


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At work, I am facing many different languages every day, which in the long term allows me to learn a lot of new words. The more languages you know, the easier is to get started in DPC and understand e-documents we get here.


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Don’t hesitate – it’s a win-win game! Start now!

Gain a valuable skill

Learn the skills the company looks for in the candidates. Prove that you’ve got the basics and start improving them at work every single day.

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This is a real opportunity. Apply by scoring high and join the team of more than 400 Festo Lithuania employees in Kaunas.

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Join this Data Entry course and get access to a structured text material and practice tests for free.


Don’t think a data entry specialist job is for you? It’s ok, there are more jobs you might be interested in

You can always check other positions available at Festo in Kaunas.

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