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Advance your writing career to tech

If writing is your forte, get a job in tech by mastering the secrets of great copy for the web. Take the persuasive writing course and start your career at BitDegree in Kaunas, Lithuania as a copywriter.

Get a 20 EUR scholarship for finishing the copywriter course with a high-score. The best ones will get a job as well.

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Polish your web writing skills and get a job at BitDegree

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in the Persuasive Writing course

If you are based in Kaunas, Lithuania and are 18+ years old, you can earn a 20 EUR scholarship for good learning results in this copywriting course. Start learning now and show us that you can become a copywriter!



at the Course

Learn copywriting secrets from the Persuasive Writing course and put your new knowledge to test in the course-end assessment. Score 80% or above and put yourself ahead of the competition with a BitDegree Scholarship for Copywriting.

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by BitDegree in Kaunas

Have you finished the test with a high score and completed your profile? Wait for a call from our team and join BitDegree in no time.

Need motivation? Get awarded a scholarship for great learning results!

Are you from Kaunas and have completed the course? Great, you are one step away from the monetary reward of 20 EUR! If you are among the first 30 people to score 80% or above in the course assessment, we will contact you shortly to provide you a scholarship.

Copywriters move tech companies from local to global audiences

If you already know how to write well and enjoy it, you need just a little bit of knowledge to upskill your career to tech and achieve a much greater level of pay. Compared to love for writing, to add a bit of internet specifics is easy. Copy on the internet serves various purposes, like to grow audience, engage users or drive sales. Tech companies value copywriting professionals immensely, because, after all, only a good writer can make people “tick”.

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"Being a writer at BitDegree is a genuine experience. We thrive online, yet nothing gives you a better taste of what the real world is about. You have to be flexible, but also to follow guidelines, you have to apply your most productive side, yet you can’t neglect bonding and taking interest in what’s going on besides your own world of characters and line breaks. You have to be both proactive and reactive. Going that extra mile is the default here – and that’s what I love most about my job at BitDegree."

Renata Mailaitė Tech writer & project manager

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Get a job at BitDegree

Learn the skills we look for in the candidates and use them in everyday work. Prove your knowledge and stand out from the crowd.

Gain a valuable skill

World is no longer about 4-year degrees. Accelerate your career by learning skills employers actually look for.

Go beyond writing

Create value for tech companies by learning internet specifics - master how to write copy that grows audience, engages users or drives sales.

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By committing to learning the skill you get access to one of the best copywriting courses on the internet.

Earn by learning

When was the last time you were paid to learn a skill? Show great results and we will reward you with a scholarship!


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