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Mysterium Network is an open-source ecosystem of protocols, tools, and infrastructure designed to liberate the web.

Their node network empowers both builders and users to access information free from government surveillance or data privacy concerns. Their flagship crypto-powered dVPN service allows people to earn passive income by essentially renting out their excess internet that would otherwise go to waste.

Make money by learning the fundamentals of the dVPN by taking the Mysterium Network course!

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Quick and Concise
The course takes about 10 minutes to complete, Gain the most useful and important information with no filler. The course is hosted on the BitDegree platform.
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Learn to Earn
Get paid to learn! You can earn free crypto MYST tokens by taking the course and learning how to become an end-node runner. You can either use these tokens for services or trade them with others.
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Long-Term Earning Potential
Learn all you need to know to become a Mysterium Network Node Runner and start earning passive income with minimal effort.

What you will learn

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Why is your data not safe?
When you use the internet your data is not encrypted or private by default. Internet service providers (or ISPs for short), governments, and malicious hackers can all access your data if they so desire. Find out why and what can you do to protect your online presence.
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Why is it important to use a dVPN?
A decentralized virtual private network takes the best aspects of a standart Virtual Private Network and the Tor browser and combines them into one sleek package. Get an understanding on why the Mysterium Network dVPN can become an integral part of your experience when using the internet.
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How to earn passive income by becoming a Mysterium Network node runner?
Most of the internet you pay for goes to waste, sitting idle or completely unused. Find out how you can turn this resource into a passive source of income. Learn all you need to know about running an end node with Mysterium Network. You can earn additional MYST tokens for just running a node after completing this course.

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