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What Will You Learn?

  • How to create professional PowerPoint presentations
  • How to increase your chances to communicate your message in a more delightful and impactful way


  • PowerPoint installed on your device
  • Basic computer skills
  • NFT Certificate
  • 11 Lessons
  • Beginner
  • English
  • 5.0 Rating
  • +100 XP

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Course consist of total 47min of content, in total.

Section 1: Course Material
Keyboard Shortcuts
Downloading PowerPoint and Initial Setup
Slide Basics
Animations and Advanced Editing
Text Boxes
Audio and Video Integration
Final Edits
Slide Show Presentations

About the Instructor

100% of students rated this instructor as excellent!

Matt Carey is an instructor with an inspiring life story and a clear focus on Cisco CCNA. He’s made online tutorials that help thousands of students to improve their skills with easy-to-follow tutorials effectively. Martin remembers the issue with ‘terrible instructors’ when he was studying for CCNA certification himself. “I thought about how I could teach students a better way,” says Matt, and now that’s exactly what he does!

Before Matt Carey became an expert CCNA certified instructor, his full-time job was climbing cell towers in sub-zero temperatures. Luckily, he was driven and bold enough to switch to a new career starting from zero in Cisco networks. That was something that he got passionately involved with ever since hearing about CCNA certification and making himself a promise to get CCNA certified.

On BitDegree, you may use the opportunity to tap into Matt Carey’s well of knowledge he shares and learn PowerPoint for beginners. In his professional career, Matt has mastered the art of creating professional and delightful presentations that stand out.

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