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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn what is NFT
  • Learn how to trade NFT
  • Learn how to create and mint NFT


  • No prior knowledge needed
  • Desire to learn
  • NFT Certificate
  • 12 Lessons
  • Beginner
  • English
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Course consist of total of content, in total.

Section 1: Benefits and risks of NFT
NFTs Are Fueling a Boom in Digital Art. Here’s How They Work by WSJ
NFTs, Explained by Johnny Harris
Quick Quiz 1
Section 2: Earn with NFTs
Can You Make Money From NFTs? by CNBC
How To Add NFTs To MetaMask by The Bitcoin Express
5 NFT Tools (How To Find NFTs EARLY & Sell For Profit) by Matt's Crypto
How to Buy and Sell NFTs For Profit (Complete Guide) by Max Maher
3 NFT Major Red Flags To Avoid!! by The Bitcoin Express
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Section 3: Create NFTs
How to Launch an NFT Collection WITHOUT EXPERIENCE by Aprilynne Alter
How You Can Turn an NFT Into a Real-World Utility for Your Business by GaryVee
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