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What Will You Learn?

  • How To Earn Passive Income From Your Crypto
  • Introduction To DeFi
  • Introduction To Staking
  • Introduction To Copy Trading
  • Introduction to ICOs


  • Basic Knowledge Needed (The Course Is Good For Anyone But Suited For Beginners)
  • NFT Certificate
  • 9 Lessons
  • Beginner
  • English
  • +100 XP

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Course consist of total 55min of content, in total.

Section 1: Crytpocurrency Wealth Creation - Staking, Lending & Trading
Earn From Copy Trading
What Are ICOs and how you can benefit from them
What is Yeld Farming and how you can benefit from it
What are DeFi projects and how you can benefit from them

About the Instructor


My name is Sorin and I am an online marketer and crypto enthusiast since 2017.
I've seen many lives changed because of the crypto space in these past years and
I know that many opportunities appear all the time. In most of my courses you will
learn the basics and how to get started in this new, exciting and full of oportunities space.

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